Video: College Girl Poses With Pres. Obama, Another Spills Yogurt On Him

| by Michael Allen

University of Colorado student, Kolbi Zerbest (pictured, left), was involved in a spilled yogurt incident which messed up President Obama's pants outside The Sink, a student bar in Boulder, Colorado.

She explained on the 'Today' show (video below): "As he comes towards us a little bit more, paparazzi come rushing behind us and right as I’m shaking his hand the paparazzi kicks the bowl that I had placed on the ground onto the president."

President Obama told Zerbest at the time: "You've got a good story to tell. You can say: 'I spilled yogurt all over the president.'"

Zerbest replied: "I'm very embarrassed of that story. But it's a pleasure, the pleasure is all mine. I'm very sorry sir."

On the same day, University of Colorado student Madalyn Starkey's star-struck photo with President Obama went viral on Twitter. She talked to MSNBC's Al Sharpton about her fateful encounter (picture and video below).

Starkey met President Obama inside The Sink.