Vice President Joe Biden Gives Female Biker a Massage

| by Michael Allen

During a campaign trip, this weekend, to Milford, Ohio, Vice President Joe Biden stopped and chatted with patrons of Cruisers Diner, including a group of motorcycle riders, reports the Daily Mail.

Biden saw a female biker inside the diner, waved at her and said: "I know who runs the show."

The female biker had no place to sit, so Biden placed a chair in front of himself, where she sat down.

Vice President Biden put his hands on the biker's shoulders and gave her a massage, as other bikers looked on.

Vice President Joe Biden's talks to customers during a stop at Cruisers Diner today during the Florida campaign trail

Also over the weekend, President Obama visited Big Apple Pizza in Florida where he  got a bear hug from store owner Scott Van Duzer.

Both Florida and Ohio are 'swing states' and are crucial in the November election.  No Republican has ever won an election without winning Ohio, except for Richard Nixon who won it, but lost to John F. Kennedy in 1960.

President Barack Obama, right, is picked-up and lifted off the ground by Scott Van Duzer as the pizza shop owner shows his appreciation in Florida