New Romney Campaign Billboard Features Business that Benefited from Obamacare

| by Michael Allen

The Mitt Romney campaign has created a new billboard touting another small business owner, Tanya L. Burns & Associates, who is upset with President Obama’s out-of-context remark that businesses don’t succeed on their own, but rather with help from federal government programs.

Ironically, Tanya L. Burns & Associates is a beneficiary of federal spending. They helped their clients reduce their health insurance premiums thanks to Obamcare, which Mitt Romney has pledged to repeal.

On their website, Tanya L. Burns & Associates has an entire “Health Reform Resource Center," which offers information on the benefits of Obamacare.

In a 2011 article in the Orlando Business Journal, Burns appeared pleasantly surprised at the lower premiums some of her clients received.

The Orlando Business Journal stated:

Tanya Burns, a local insurance broker and the owner of Tanya L. Burns & Associates Inc., said when she got the renewal for First Baptist Church and another Osceola County church, both with a 1.5 percent decrease from Aetna, she thought something was wrong with her eyes. Then, in November, she had another company renew at a 5 percent decrease. “I called the girls in the office and told them we’re not going to call Aetna and ask any questions, but we’re going to frame this and put it up in our lobby.”