Lyons Jewelers Closes Store to Mourn President Obama's Victory


Lyons Jewelers, in Bedford, Virginia, was closed on Wednesday. A sign in the store stated the closing was to "mourn the loss of the America that our forefathers endowed to us."

Another sign in the store read: "Lyons will reopen tomorrow to continue the fight against a president who seeks my demise" and "Shame on VA & USA," reports WDBJ-TV.

Apparently, the company is mourning the fact that President Obama won re-election and Virginia's 13 electoral votes.

A third sign in the store read: "I know I didn't build this — God did," which was a twist on President Obama's speech in Virginia, months ago, in which he said everyone had help along the way to success.

In response, a customer hung a sign outside the store which read: "I am sorry you feel this way!!! I do bussiness [sic] I guess I will take it somewhere else!!"


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