Plaxico Burress to Join Eagles?

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Plaxico Burress is currently in jail serving a 20-month sentence on weapons charges. Scheduled to be released on June 6, one would think it’s a bit early to talk about his NFL future, but Michael Vick – who isn’t a stranger to being given a second chance either – begs to differ.

According to Vick, he would be absolutely OK with the Philadelphia Eagles’ signing of Plaxico Burress for the upcoming season. Vick served a 19 month sentence in connection with dog-fighting. His second chance came when he signed with the Eagles in 2009 and proceeded to take full advantage of the opportunity by reviving his NFL career.

Burress last played in 2008, with the New York Giants and upon his release from the slammer, he would automatically become a free agent, which means any of the teams could sign him. According to Vick, the Eagles would be a great fit for Burress, given the current bunch of guys they have. Ultimately, Vick sees Burress as a potential component of a championship-winning team.

According to some of the naysayers on various forums however, picking up Burress may not be on the Eagles’ to do list at all. Some say they will go for Nnamdi Asomugah instead. Unlike Vick, when he signed with the Eagles, Burress is no longer in his prime. A talent-wise comparison between the two wouldn’t exactly be a close affair either. Asomugah on the other hand is definitely in his prime.

There may be other teams out there that would pick up the veteran WR though. The Giants are definitely in the books, and the Chicago Bears may make a move in his direction too, to give Cuter a seasoned and experienced target. Whatever perspires, one thing is certain: the league is ready to give Burress that precious second shot. Whether or not he takes advantage of it is entirely up to him.