Pippa Middleton Bikini Photos Emerge!

| by Mark Berman Opposing Views

Kate Middleton may be a new princess, but the world doesn't seem to care, instead obsessing over her kid sister Pippa. First, she stole the show at the royal wedding, then last week a photo emerged of her dancing in just a bra. Now, bikini shots.

Several British tabloids including the Daily Mail and the Mirror are running photos of a 2006 vacation Pippa took with her sister and Prince William. The photos show them on a boat off the coast of the party island of Ibiza seemingly having a grand old time. Both girls are decked-out in white bikinis, the future King of England in long red trunks.

In a town built on ego as much as it is box office, it's no surprise celebs have the time - and money - to get buff beyond belief.  What's even less surprising is that these camera-loving stars manage to find the time in their busy schedules to show off all their hard work.  <br><br>Pippa Middleton proves her sister Kate isn't the only one in the family with rock hard abs! The stunning Brit shows off her beach bod in a white bikini nearly identical to Kate's ... <br><br>BY JOANNA SLOAME 


Kate (standing) and Pippa

William helps Kate out of the water, Pippa follows

Wardrobe malfunction for Pippa?