Photos: Earthquake-Damaged Japan Road Repaired in 6 Days

| by Mark Berman Opposing Views

Japan is still suffering the ravages from the earthquake and tsunami, yet the rebuilding effort has already begun -- and proceeding at an incredible rate.

Here's one example. On March 17, work began to repair a section of the Great Kanto Highway in Naka which was basically ripped apart when the quake hit. An amazing six days later it was good as new, and re-opened to traffic Wednesday night.

Here in the U.S. similar reconstruction probably would have taken months, with such obstacles as bids for the contract and bureaucratic red tape delaying the project. Ground Zero in New York City -- obviously a much larger project and clouded with political debate -- is still a hole in the ground after nearly 10 years and a shining example.

Check out before and after photos:

Now you see it...: This stretch of the Great Kanto highway was wrecked by deep chasms in the March 11 earthquake - but was repaired in just six days