Fashion Faux Pas: Teva High-Heel Hiking Shoes

| by Kate Wharmby Seldman

Teva, the hiking and fitness shoe company, has partnered with fashion label Grey Ant and released a hiking stiletto. Yes, you read that right. These towering high heels feature Teva's signature Velcro straps, and their soles have hiking-shoe-style grips.

Four-inch stacked stiletto spike heels complete the look. They come in two styles - "Worlds Unite," in black and white with a Velcro closure, and Natural, in beige with a buckle closure. They'll set you back a cool $330. New High Mart, one store selling the hiking stilettos, recommends you wear them with outdoorsy-looking socks to complete the look.

In case you're seriously thinking of going hiking in these heels, there's also a disclaimer on New High Mart's site: "Not recommended for actual hiking, gardening, mountain climbing, or Phish concerts."