Philadelphia, PA | Yin Yoga Teacher Training w/ Daniel Shankin (Sitaram Das) | 2/4 – 4/3

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Philadelphia, PA – are you looking for a way to expand your teaching?

Join Daniel Shankin (Sitaram Das), select weekends February 4th – April 3rd at Jai Yoga. All the info is below from Daniel’s website:

daniel shankin yin yoga philadelphia Philadelphia, PA | Yin Yoga Teacher Training w/ Daniel Shankin (Sitaram Das) | 2/4   4/3

Yin Yoga Teacher Training

Study Yin Yoga with Daniel, the area’s most experienced and knowledgeable yin yoga teacher

Exploring the depths of this profound practice, we will fully cover:

~A wide variety of yin poses and sequences~

~Explore the subtle body through the models of meridians and chakras~

~Discuss the benefits of yin yoga on our physical organs and anatomy~

~The PRACTICE of energetics. HOW to use your prana, HOW to access your meridians and other aspects of your energetic body~

~Learn how to use yin yoga as a doorway to mindfulness and meditation~

~Practice creating themes and lectures to offer during class~

~Ayurvedic applications & benefits of yin practice~

~Taoist flow techniques that harmonize yang & yin~

You will be awarded a certificate for 80 hours, (60 contact, 20 independent study).

Special Guest Teachers include:

Sifu Chik Mason of  Spirit Wind Internal Arts


About Yin Yoga

The quiet practice of Yin yoga uses long-held passive postures and mindfulness meditation to reveal a natural state of radiant health.  It beautifully complements muscular, vigorous Yang yogas by accessing the deep connective tissues that aerobic exercise often overlooks.  In Yin Yoga, the muscles have a chance to relax, hidden tension melts away, and we begin to have access to new parts of the body.  This results in more supple joints, greater ease of movement, and less limitation in the body.

On an energetic level, Yin Yoga supports the healthy flow of prana (or ‘chi’).  There is evidence to suggest that this practice coaxes usually dormant reservoirs of energy into the meridians of Traditional Chinese Medicine, as well as the chakras and marma points.  Our system becomes more balanced, our immune system more resilient, and ability to flush toxins increases exponentially.  We experience an inner strength and clarity.

As a result of this deep cleansing practice, often practitioners also notice a renewed sense of calm and emotional peace.  As the emotions find equilibrium, the the mind becomes quiet, and untroubled. Flashes of insight, intuition, and inspiration are common.  We experience an ability to meet the difficulties of our lives with confidence and grace. There arises a capacity rise to any occasion, and live life based on our principles, rather than our fears and limitation.


About Daniel

Daniel has always found great peace and joy in yoga, ever since it was introduced to him as a young boy by his grandmother.  Growing up, he always felt drawn to spiritual teachings; books, teachers, and situations that would nourish his growth and transformation.  While exploring many paths as a teen, he eventually realized that he could truly trust yoga to take him to the heights that he wished to reach.  fifteen+ years later, he still finds this to be true.  As a teacher, he shares his experience with heart-felt wisdom, using metaphor, story-telling, and off-the-wall humor to convey even the most complex and subtle of topics. Steeped in the traditions of Tantric Hinduism, Buddhism, Ayurveda, Bhakti Yoga, and Vedic Mythology, he strives to use his experience to  offer support for his students, and remind them of their true nature, inherent goodness, and boundless strength.  Daniel holds Yin Yoga Teaching Certificates from both Sarah Powers and Paulie Zink, the founder of the art.  He feels  deep gratitude for the shakti of both of these teachers, as well as the many others who have certified, trained, or otherwise guided him on his path.

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