Animal Rights
Animal Rights

PETA Protests Against California's Deceitful 'Happy Cows' Ads

| by PETA
Think happy cows come from California? Think again.

The California Milk Advisory Board's (CMAB) "Happy Cows" ad campaign says that cows on California dairy farms live happy, natural lives and are treated well, when in fact, cows on many California dairy farms never see a single blade of grass and aren't allowed to roam free like the cows you see in the ads.

The ads show cows living peacefully in wide-open green pastures, when in reality, most cows on dairy farms are crammed into huge lots, where they wallow in mud and their own feces for most of their miserable lives. Cows on many California dairy farms have their babies taken from them soon after birth, and often, the young are then confined in tiny, urine-soaked veal crates.

And unlike the cows you see in the CMAB ads, cows on real farms are drugged, over-milked, and often denied basic care and even a sanitary, comfortable place to rest.

The way that California's cows are treated would constitute animal abuse if cows were protected by the same laws that protect dogs and cats.

PETA filed a complaint calling on the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to stop the CMAB from lying to consumers about the conditions under which California cows are raised, kept, and slaughtered, and we need you to speak up for cows as well.