Paula Abdul Says Goodbye to Simon Cowell on American Idol Finale

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Looking pretty in pink, Paula Abdul returned to American Idol for a final goodbye – to Simon Cowell

Abdul was quite charming, joking around with the judges, and probably scared the producers half to death when she teased that she returned not only to say good-bye to Simon Cowell,  but to reveal the real reason she left American Idol. Paula revealed that she and Simon conceived a baby who was back stage waiting to be fed by Simon. Don’t panic – she was just kidding!!

What better way to say goodbye to Simon Cowell than with Frank Sinatra’s ‘My Way’ playing while a montage of the BEST of Simon Cowell played?

With all the past winners of American Idol returning to sing for Simon, he was called to the stage, where he said his final goodbye to his American Idol fans. Simon thanked everyone for all their support, and even told Ryan Seacrest he was going to miss him.

Missing Ryan Seacrest??  He must really be upset that he’s leaving American Idol.