Party (Tea) Time?

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With all the conservatives there you would think they would be having Tea Party celebrations.

Since all the conservative republicans seem to be celebrating AZ’s new law, you would think that they would be there in mass to support their cause!

Maybe they only gather where they think they will stand out and we all know they wouldn’t stand out in AZ. You never hear about Tea Party rallies in places like Kansas or Iowa, you see my point? I think they should have a Tea Party in San Francisco. That would be very exciting, seeing all of the conservatives on liberal turf. What could be more fun? Maybe they could come help out Meg Whitman, from what I’ve seen in the polls, she needs some help!T

They could then say that they have had major rallies coast to coast and drawn big crowds, while they always claim to draw big crowds, this time there would be large crowds, not supporting them necessarily, but people would be amazed that you could have so much collective regression all in one place, it would be a sight to see.

Maybe Palin could get a bus for them, they could go to AZ and then to SF and maybe onto Seattle, who knows, they may even be able to see Russia! (Wonder if they would get a warm welcome there?) Glenn Beck could hop on the bus for laughs, he’s always good for a few. He could explain things as they travel, they could pick up Sean Hannity for a tour guide, he seems to have an insider’s take on things.

We could all watch as they drive by singing, “….the wheels on the bus go round and round…..”.