Palm Springs, CA | Desert Yoga Fest | 2/ 25 – 2/27

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Spend a weekend relaxing at the beautiful and luxurious Parker Palm Springs while immersing yourself in the first ever Desert Yoga Fest!

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from the website:

Join us for a magical and enchanting weekend of yoga and music at the luxurious Parker resort in Palm Springs, California.

Just two hours outside of Los Angeles, you’ll feel like you’re a million miles away as you enjoy the unique spiritual atmosphere that only the desert can offer.

With classes available to suit any level, there is something for everyone.

Desert Yoga Fest: Yoga. Refined.


parker palm springs Palm Springs, CA | Desert Yoga Fest | 2/ 25   2/27

Discount Pricing Extended!

Special discounted prices for tickets to the festival and rooms at the Parker have been extended until January 31, 2011.

Happy New Year, everyone! At Desert Yoga Fest, we understand that with the holiday season just ending a lot of people are only now ready to commit to making plans for the year ahead. And we want to make sure everyone can take advantage of theses low rates. So, let’s make 2011 a very special year by coming together at Desert Yoga Fest and partaking in this unique and wonderful weekend of yoga, music and relaxation.

Don’t wait to buy your tickets and book your rooms! Ticket and room prices will go up January 31!

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The Teachers

Instructors copy 09 Palm Springs, CA | Desert Yoga Fest | 2/ 25   2/27

Diane Hudock

Diane Hudock, creator of Ahmanda Yoga Flow™,  her own unique approach developed from over a decade of teaching experience and training in various yoga styles and modalities incorporating dynamic vinyasa, meditation, pranayama, and mind/body medicine….Ahmanda defines itself as ‘bliss movement in action” focusing on:  concentration, connectedness, and completeness.  She has been a contributing writer for various yoga and lifestyle editorials, appeared in many national commercials and print campaigns, and leads workshops and retreats internationally.  Most recently in 2010, she was seen on the cover of Pregnancy Magazine, was on the line-up for Wanderlust Yoga & Music Festival, and continues to be a fervent spokesperson for The Hamsa Childrens Fund in Pune, India.   She lives in gratitude towards her greatest “teacher”, YogiRaj Gurunath who has served as her most prominent and influential guide along the path.

peter barnett Palm Springs, CA | Desert Yoga Fest | 2/ 25   2/27

Peter Barnett

The owner of Black Dog Yoga, Peter is as hardcore as he is playful. After moving to Los Angeles in 1996 yoga became his passion and his life! His yoga journey led him from Bikram to Ashtanga, from Kundalini to Anusara, and to Vinyasa Flow. Peter combines fun and lightheartedness with thoughful consideration of body, mind, and spirit in his classes. He believes that every class should be a journey of self discovery just as the path of yoga is a constantly unfolding adventure! Peter has a knack of making everyone feel comfortable and welcome in his classes, no matter what level of practice they may have. Peter is looking forward to seeing you in Palm Springs!

kimberly shulz Palm Springs, CA | Desert Yoga Fest | 2/ 25   2/27

Kimberly Shulz

Kimberly is a Certified Registered Yoga Teacher through the Yoga Alliance with additional certifications in Prenatal, and Restorative Yoga. She has more than 15 years of therapeutic experience including being a Group Fitness Instructor, and Reiki Master (Ancient Japanese form of Touch Therapy). Kim has studied under world-renowned teachers, from all walks of Yoga. As a teacher and student of Yoga and the Healing Arts, she draws from her love of all things natural.

Kimberly believes that the practice of Yoga is possible and beneficial for everyone. Having experienced debilitating back pain herself in the past, she appreciates the specific needs of those with limitations. Dealing with chronic or acute pain can be emotionally and physically draining. In Kimberly’s experience she discovered that healing is a combination of mind and body. This is where guided visualization and breath work compliment the physical aspects of yoga.

heidi crowther Palm Springs, CA | Desert Yoga Fest | 2/ 25   2/27

Heidi Crowther

Heidi stepped into her first yoga class 25 years ago. Eventually, yoga became as natural as sleeping, breathing, eating and drinking. She has been teaching various disciplines for the last 14 years and is a Certified Registered ERYT 500 Yoga Teacher through the Yoga Alliance. These disciplines include, Power yoga, astanga, deep stretch, prenatal and mommy and me.

Over the years, Heidi has worked with some of the most reknown instructors from all over the world. Inspired by so many great teachers, she took what she felt worked best to create her own unique style. This evolved to what Heidi has now created and named, Aasatti Yoga™.

My purpose in teaching is to bring about transformation physically, emotionally and spiritually. It is invaluable to be able to  practice and live in grace, strength and humility.”

rudy mettia Palm Springs, CA | Desert Yoga Fest | 2/ 25   2/27

Rudy Mettia

A warrior needs a worthy cause as well as courage. The more virtuous the cause, the higher his calling – and the cause of greatest challenge, power and subtlety is that of self-examination.A wise warrior of such virtuous purpose embarks upon the age-old practice of yoga. A practice that roots out the habits, addictions, and incessant redundant thoughts that dull perception and cloud the heart; a practice that celebrates perfection in daily experiences and clears the soul for a joyous and poignant interaction with life. Knowing Rudy these many years is to know the wisdom, courage, and assurance of his path. With humor and great fortitude, Rudy has taken great steps towards eradicating the enemy within. His unwavering perseverance has positioned him as an extraordinarily talented guide, a gifted teacher with the ability to help others determined to take on for themselves this powerful practice and virtuous cause. If you are drawn in any way to these words and the intentions behind them, then you should experience Rudy Mettia’s Corporalita Power Yoga. Aloha, Bryan Kest.

dice Palm Springs, CA | Desert Yoga Fest | 2/ 25   2/27

Dice Ida-Klein

Always drawn to sports and being physically active, Dice played hockey and baseball in his younger years.  Later in high school he wrestled, ran cross-country and played tennis.  After graduating from UCLA in the summer of 2007, he found himself trying a yoga class at City Yoga in Los Angeles.  Enter HANDSTANDS.  As soon as he saw the world upside down, his life had changed and the world as he knew it would never be the same. Yoga found its way into his soul and it made a home there.  Shortly after he found yoga, Dice decided to take one step further and complete a yoga teacher training.  Why not teach what you love?  Upon completion of his teacher training at City Yoga in April of 2008, he dove in headfirst and began teaching.

sigrid matthews yoga Palm Springs, CA | Desert Yoga Fest | 2/ 25   2/27

Sigrid Matthews

Sigrid Matthews began her yoga journey at age seven in a loft apartment in San Francisco. Since 1971 she has studied many styles of yoga, including Iyengar, Viniyoga, Kundalini, Power, and Anusara. While an undergrad at UCLA, Sigrid worked with her most formative yoga teacher, the late Billy Porter. His generous spirit, loving guidance and simple approach not only launched Sigrid’s personal quest for self growth, but became the foundation of her teaching career. Twenty years of teaching experience with hundreds of students in Los Angeles, New York, and abroad, coupled with training from movement specialists Loyd Williamson and Shaman Gabrielle Roth, hands-on healer alignment in the body and a great sense of humor make her a perfect complement to the beginning student starting a yoga practice.


The Music

 Palm Springs, CA | Desert Yoga Fest | 2/ 25   2/27

Vinyl Soul

Desert Yoga Fest is pleased to welcome Vinyl Soul to the weekend’s festivities. The talented and eclectic band will be performing Saturday evening for all DYF attendees. Personally selected by Desert Yoga Fest’s founder, Heidi Crowther, the band’s distinct sound and amazing live performance will be sure to excite and entertain.

Vinyl Soul will be performing live at Desert Yoga Fest Saturday Night at 7:30 PM.

From Billboard Magazine:

Hollywood, CA based Vinyl Soul, Latin/R&B band, is making a breakthrough in Japan, United States and Mexico with the release of their new album “Dream”.

The finely produced “Dream” Album has an impressive repertoire that ranges from themmellow (bossa nova-influenced “Como Olvidar”) to up tempo tropical with horns (“Mamacita”), and its distinctive vocal harmonies and lyrics in its amazing opening number, “Big Green,” where the group sings: “Ain’t got a lot to offer but a whole lot of soul”, completes the band’s onstage confidence and potential.

aedan Palm Springs, CA | Desert Yoga Fest | 2/ 25   2/27

Aedan MacDonnell

Desert Yoga Fest will be having a very special and talented Harpist playing as you saunter in and out of your yoga classes!  So much more than just a Harpist, Aedan MacDonnell is a Certified Music Practioner who has merged her talents to offer a special meditative and relaxing musical experience.

Aedan is an award-winning Celtic harper, singer and multi-instrumentalist. She studied harp intensively in Ireland, and with well-known harpers from Wales, Scotland and the U.S. Classically trained on piano, she moved to the harp and Celtic music as a young adult.  She has performed for concerts, radio shows, public television, music festivals, highland games, as well as private parties and ceremonies.


parker palm springs1 Palm Springs, CA | Desert Yoga Fest | 2/ 25   2/27

The Venue

The moment we walked through the doors at the Parker Palm Springs we knew this was where Desert Yoga Fest needed to be. With its 13 beautifully manicured acres and variety of facilities, the Parker offered a single location where festival participants could easily go from one class to the next, relax and be pampered at the spa, dine on gourmet food, listen to music, read a book in one of the many secluded gardens, or, for guests staying at the Parker, be able to go to their room and chill, any time of the day.

When you are at The Parker you feel completely cared for and special. The grounds and the rooms are beautiful. No detail has been overlooked. When one lives a yoga lifestyle: the way we care for ourselves, our bodies, our soul and how we treat others, this can be experienced in the way the Parker cares for their hotel and the people that come there. And although you are not required to stay at the Parker, we truly believe it will add immeasurably to your weekend experience.


 Palm Springs, CA | Desert Yoga Fest | 2/ 25   2/27

Giving Back

Desert Yoga Fest is proud to share with you the opportunity to give to the Aviva Center when you purchase your DYF tickets, or any other time during the event. Your donations help the Aviva Center combat youth suffering from mental health issues, family histories of violence or drug and alcohol abuse. Aviva (the Hebrew word for “rebirth”) is aware of some children’s exposure to criminal and violent environments in their neighborhood or school and helps address these needs with residential programs and schools designed to address these sensitive youth.

Throughout their almost 100-year history, the agency now known as Aviva Family and Children’s Services has evolved to meet the needs of a growing and changing community. Their roots began in 1913 as the Ida Strauss Day Nursery, which arranged for the adoptions of WWI orphans and provided day care to children of working widows and mothers. In 1918, they became the Jewish Alliance, which added a small residential program and community center to the day nursery. In 1927, the agency became known as Hamburger Home in tribute to a major benefactor and for almost 40 years provided housing for young, working and single Jewish women. In the 1960’s the women’s residence evolved into a residential treatment program for sexually and physically abused adolescent girls of all races and religions. To reflect the commitment to a brighter future for its young clients, the agency changed its name to Aviva, the Hebrew word meaning rebirth or renewal.

To learn more about this very special charity, visit their website.

To make a donation, please click here.


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