Roy Hibbert: Pacers’ Rookies Look Pretty in Pink

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Roy Hibbert is a crueler man than Jeff Foster, at least when it comes to rookie initiation.  Veterans typically have the rookies assigned duties through out the season.  These duties range from simple (donuts brought to all team meetings) to extreme ($54,000 dinner bills).

For the Pacers this year the punishment falls somewhere in between; they’ll be carrying pink Disney princess backpacks with them everywhere all season long.  The newest Pacers, Paul George, Magnum Rolle, and Lance Stephenson were all given their new “gifts” by Roy Hibbert.  They seem to be taking the assignment in stride though.

“That’s just what the rookies have to do.  We have to live up to it and make sure we follow through with it.”  said second round pick Lance Stephenson.

The Pacers’ Paul George, who was the team’s highest selection at 11th overall, also is fine with the backpack.

“I might as well have fun with it.  I might throw a Nike sign on it just to make it official.  You won’t catch me in (anything else) pink.  The backpack is as far as it goes.  I’m excited for.”

The Pacers have a great young nucleus of talent, and its great to see everyone buying into the team philosophy.

Here is a picture of the backpack, courtesy of Roy Hibbert’s Twitter account with the message “Starting next week. All the rookies have to carrying this bag at all times. Got one for each of them.” Paul George was quick to respond with “Lol so this is my new carrying bag.. Louis Vuitton princess bag.. Holla at me!”

Pacers' Rookies New Disney Princess Bag