Oprah + 378 Staffers Take the VEGAN Challenge!

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Oprah Winfrey and an impressive 378 of her staffers just completed a vegan challenge!

Check out the details of the 7 day vegan challenge form Oprah’s website below:

oprah Oprah + 378 Staffers Take the VEGAN Challenge!

Oprah and some members of her staff recently took on a radical challenge: to go vegan for one week. That meant no meat, no fish, no milk, no eggs—nothing that comes from an animal—for seven full days. The charge was led by New York Times best-selling author Kathy Freston, who has sworn by a vegan lifestyle for seven years now.

“Everyone [at Harpo] was so excited and interested in it. I think knowing that it can be such a game-changer—that it can really affect you in your body and your spirit—I think so many people were just excited to give it a whirl,” Kathy says.

While many staffers were reluctant to change their food habits, 378 signed up for the one-week challenge. “I usually eat a sausage muffin every day and a huge coffee with five creams and a little ice,” says Rich, a video editor. “So today I decided not to do that. I thought, ‘Okay, I’m going to start the day right. We’re going to try this whole vegan thing.’”

Jill, a senior supervising producer at Harpo, took the challenge along with her husband and their two children. But not everyone in the family was excited. “I like meat. I don’t know what my mom’s going to feed us…probably apples every day,” said Jill’s son, Luke.

After she emptied her refrigerator of all items that came from animals, Jill said there was almost nothing left. With help from Kathy, Jill set out to make some vegan-friendly meals for her family. Jill told Kathy that her family’s go-to meals are pizza, spaghetti and tacos. So Kathy showed her how to veganize those meals—using things like vegan cheese and meat substitute sauce.

Jill says the challenge has been a life changer because it has made her a more conscious shopper. “I’m going to lean into it,” she says. “It will not be full-throttle, but I will lean into it for sure.”

20110126 tows harpo challenge 3 300x205 Oprah + 378 Staffers Take the VEGAN Challenge!

Some staffers had a harder time with the challenge than others. Co-Producer Veronica says she used to eat a lot of fast food, and eating vegan left her feeling “angry.” Kathy told her it was because she had an addiction.

It really worried me when [Kathy] told me I was addicted to junk food, to fast food, everything. And I started to feel symptoms of withdrawal a couple days in.”

Veronica was able to push through the week-long challenge, and came out of it wanting to go vegan for an even longer stretch! “I’m actually going to stick with it for 21 days,” she says.

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And check out this video to see how they did!