Father Bites Baby Repeatedly, Says He Did It To Prevent Son From Becoming Gay (Photos)

| by Brendan Kelly

A father in Colombia is being investigated after allegedly biting his son repeatedly to “stop him from becoming gay.”

The baby’s mother noticed that her son had strange cuts and marks all over his body after returning home, the Daily Mail notes. When she asked her partner where the injuries came from, he reportedly laughed it off, telling her that he bit the infant to make his son “more of a man.”

“He was laughing and teasing,” the unnamed mother said, according to the Daily Mail. “He said that the boy had to be a man, that he couldn’t turn into a gay.”

The incident occurred in the couple’s home in the Colombian capital city of Bogota.

The mother reported the father to police, who she said would not take action against him. Instead, police reported the case to social workers, who are considering taking the child away.

Now the mother is complaining to local media, saying that police should have taken her complaints seriously and pressed charges against the father.

“I went to the police station, where I was passed from one officer to another and nobody wanted to deal with it, and suggested it had been a cat,” she said.

Sources: Daily MailThe Sun / Photo Credit: CEN via The Sun, Tatiana Vdb/Flickr