One Man's Experience Carrying an Open Gun in Oregon

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I was recently traveling through Oregon where they currently have zero reciprocity for any out of State CCW permits (for additional info on gun laws impacting armed travel check out these gun travel tools). In addition to zero reciprocity Oregon is also unwilling to issue CCW permits to non-residents unless you happen to live in a bordering State.

As an Arizona resident, the only way I'm not prohibited from protecting myself while traveling through Oregon is to open carry, and even then I have to stay out of six of their Nanny State cities like Portland who prefer to make out of State visitors easy targets for criminals. As a result, before I crossed into Oregon I tucked in my shirt to transition from concealed to open carry.

As we traveled through Oregon stopping from time to time to eat or refuel our vehicle, most of the people encountered didn't appear to notice my handgun. However, while we were at a gas station paying someone else to do my normal task of refueling our car, I went into the convenience store to buy some soda and snacks. While there, I overheard a child nearby ask his father: "Dad, why does that man have a gun?"

His father didn't answer, so I took the opportunity to respond myself. While pointing to our car outside I said: "you see, I have a wife and children in that car out there who I love very much, and I'll do whatever it takes to keep them safe. My handgun is just one of the tools at my disposal to help me do that."

He seemed satisfied with my answer, and even gave me a smile.