Some People Believe Earth Is 2015 Years Old

| by Michael Allen

New Years Eve brought its traditional ball drop in Times Square, Kathy Griffin mercilessly teasing CNN's Anderson Cooper,and plenty of misinformation as to the age of the earth.

Many Twitter users posted their amazement that the planet and the U.S. are 2015 years old.

According to TheDenverChannel.com, some of the tweets included:

Wow, the world is almost 2015 years old... MIND BLOWN.

Can't believe America is almost 2015 years old.

Wow, can't believe Earth is 2015 years old. Time flies

Wow I can't believe earth is almost 2015 years old it's crazy how nature can do that.

There was one voice of reason who tweeted, "For the love of God if I see one more say that the Earth will be 2015 years old, I'm going to catch a brain aneurysm."

CollegeNews.com noted in 2013 that the average SAT score fell by 20 points from 2006 to 2012. The only exception were Asian-American students whose SAT scores rose by 41 points.

The Daily Mail reported in 2014, "Westerns have lost 14 IQ points on average since the Victorian age, according to a study published by the University of Amsterdam" in 2013.

According to Discover Magazine, one in four Americans believe that the sun revolves around the earth.

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Image Credit: Twitter Screenshot