Pantless Woman Arrested After Stealing Steaks From A Grocery Store

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18-year-old Elizabeth Hoen was arrested around 2 p.m. last Friday after police received a call about a woman standing naked from the waist down on a street corner.

Hoen, who managed to steal some steaks from a grocery store beforehand, was arrested in front of the former Rose Garden Banquet Center and is now facing charges of resisting arrest and shoplifting.

When police arrived, Hoen put her pants back on and took off running with an unidentified man. Police found three beefsteaks in Hoen’s purse after catching her and took her into custody. The man was not found.

The grocery store owner confirmed that the steaks were stolen, telling officers he had not sold any steaks that day.

This was not Hoen’s only recent run in with the law. She was charged with theft in both December and January. Her January arrest featured charges for resisting and obstructing an officer. She has pleaded not guilty to all charges and has a bond hearing set for April 11. 

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