Man Accidentally Drives His Car Onto Neighbor's Roof

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A man and his wife who were headed to dinner Saturday night somehow managed to get their Cadillac on the roof of their neighbor’s house after losing control of the vehicle.

The car reportedly blew through a neighbor’s yard, clipped the side of a house and went airborne before landing on the roof of another house in Glendale, California. The car came to a stop with the front end pointing towards the sky and the back end resting on a retaining wall. No one was injured in the event.

Galina Wynn, the wife of the man and a passenger in the car, told CNN affiliate KABC that her husband couldn’t stop as they turned a corner and there was something wrong with the car.

“As soon as we hit the corner, the airbags deployed and I didn’t even see where we were going from there because the view was obscured,” she said.

Neighbors rushed to help the couple off of the roof with a ladder, and the fire department brought in a large crane to remove the car from the roof.

The 80-year-old individual inside the house was startled but unhurt.

Surprisingly, despite major damage to the car, the roof is in need of only minor repairs.

Sources: Daily News, CNN