FedEx Worker Carelessly Throws Boxes Into Truck (Video)

| by Michael Allen

An unidentified female FedEx worker was recorded on video carelessly tossing customers' packages into a company truck on Wednesday.

At one point in the video (below), the FedEx worker appears to show a man how to throw packages recklessly, notes Gothamist.com.

The man, who is not wearing a FedEx uniform, throws a smaller box into the truck as the FedEx worker gives her approval.

The man and the FedEx employee take turns hurling packages into the truck, seemingly oblivious to the camera person in the vehicle behind them.

"We are very disappointed to see this. FedEx sets high standards of behavior and performance for our team members and this behavior falls far short of what is expected," a FedEx spokesperson told Gothamist.com.

"We pick up and deliver millions of packages in a professional manner each year, and the actions in this video do not reflect our professional expectations. We have already contacted the management personnel responsible for this employee and the appropriate corrective action will be taken."

Source: Gothamist.com