History Made: Fox News Credits Obama for Killing Osama Bin Laden

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You know when Fox News is singing President Obama's praises something serious has gone right in America.

I mean, everybody else on every single news channel was saying that Obama -- in concert with our heroic Navy Seals who carried out a daring attack -- pulled off one of the gutsiest, bravest operations in years.

But Fox News?

They were actually saying the same thing.

I half expected Fox News to blame Obama for not killing Bin Laden twice. Or not killing him with the right weapon. But no, Fox News actually gave the president credit.

I know, scary stuff. The anti-Obama network used words like "historic" and a "very great success," which has my head spinning. 

You know, maybe the Fox spinmeisters didn't show up to work on Sunday -- maybe they'll arrive at work on Monday morning and say, "Wait a second, we gave Obama an ounce of credit?! Who authorized that?"

Then, get this, at 1:38 a.m. they actually quoted NPR -- in a positive manner. 

The world has been turned on its head. 


Monday update:

Did I speak too soon? Looks like things got back to normal at Fox -- with Bush getting a far bigger mention on the Fox Web site and a Fox anchor telling the world that President Obama was indeed killed. See the screen shot and video flub below...