NYC | Valentine’s Day Weekend AcroYoga events @ Sonic Yoga

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Looking for something fun to do this Valentine’s Day weekend?

Well look no further, our buddy Greg Franklin is bringing some of his AcroYoga crew to NYC’s Sonic Yoga for a weekend of special Valentine’s inspired love and flight. Check out the details below:

acro yoga nyc greg franklin valentines day NYC | Valentines Day Weekend AcroYoga events @ Sonic Yoga

Feb 12, 2011 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM | Cupid’s Wings

Lift up your Love – literally. For all those who don’t want to leave the fun out of Valentine’s Day! In this beginner level playshop we’ll explore creative ways to use our own body’s structure and strength to support our partner’s. From the root of our loving connection, we’ll lift each other up to higher heights. Guided partner stretches, flying yoga basics, and creative Thai massage to cool down. Prerequisites: Comfortable with headstand in the middle of the room & handstand at the wall. Bring your partner, or a dear friend. $60/couple in advance, $70 day of.

Feb 13, 2011 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM | Cuddle Puddle

A Cuddle-Licious Valentine’s Eve Playshop. Snuggle with your Sweetie. Bliss out your Boo. Thai up your Lover. Lather your partner in loving attention as we explore the soothing side of the practice. Gentle guided partner stretches, nurturing Thai massage, and copious amounts of cuddling. No prior yoga or massage experience necessary. Comfortable clothes recommended. Bring your partner, or a dear friend. $60/couple in advance, $70 day of.

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greg franklin acroyoga 682x1024 NYC | Valentines Day Weekend AcroYoga events @ Sonic YogaAbout Greg Franklin-

Greg has been practicing various forms of yoga, bodywork, and conscious arts for the past 15 years. After a two-year world traveling sojourn inspired by a hand reader, HH the 14th Dalai Lama, & a backpack growing mold, he made his way to New York City, where he discovered (among other things) AcroYoga, a practice he’s come to wholeheartedly adore.

Obsessed with balancing objects since his best friend in the first grade taught him to hover a ruler on the edge of his desk, he sees balancing people on his feet – and teaching others to do so – as a natural progression.