NYC | Breath! An Introduction to the Middendorf Breathexperience | 3/12 – 3/13

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NYC This Weekend! Do not miss this fantastic opportunity to study and connect with your breath!

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breath NYC | Breath! An Introduction to the Middendorf Breathexperience | 3/12   3/13


Middendorf’s BREATHEXPERIENCE at a glance.

More than seventy years ago, Professor Ilse Middendorf of Berlin, Germany, began to explore the use of the natural breath as a healing medium. This exploration resulted in the development of what is now one of the most comprehensive of the somatic healing art forms developed in the West. (link to Institute in California: This in-depth approach explores “breath movement”, “breath space” and  the “dynamics of breath forces” from a beginners level all the way to profound depth, subtlety and sophistication. It adds a very powerful awareness dimension to any existing practice such as Yoga, Tai Chi, singing, walking, meditating or self-healing.

“Local” and “global” breath

When your body is open, aware and responsive the movement of breath that movement can actually be experienced everywhere in your body – that is from head to toe. Experiencing yourself this way furthers the direct embodiment of wholeness. This is not conceptual – it is immediate and directly available through your capacity to sense. It leads to balance and to an integral perception of yourself and the world.

Your experience defines your breath and your breath defines your experience.

Breath continuously reflects who you are. The rhythm and quality of your breath, and the extent to which breath moves your body is affected by everything that happens in your life…both internally and externally.
Acceptance and/or change are affected by meeting yourself at the line between your conscious and your unconscious breath. Middendorf’s breathexperience unfolds as a path that encourages the participant to discover and trust his or her unique breath rhythm.

The healing and balancing wisdom of the breath is rooted in awareness without manipulating. Not forcing the breath to perform in the “right” way, allows us to come in contact with deeper layers of ourselves, which we will allow to flow into whole body movements. Common discoveries are: “I am doing too much” (inhale wants to overextend), “I am not fully trusting in myself or “I am afraid to be fully authentic” (exhale is hampered), “I am driven by anxiety” (pause after exhale is frantic or jumped).

By coming in contact with our unique breath rhythm, these patterns naturally weaken or dissolve through experiences such as “I am nourished and full,” “I feel complete and at home within myself,” “I feel connected to and in creative exchange with the world.” Working with the natural breath will give you access to yourself in tremendously powerful ways affecting and integrating all levels of human experience from the physical to the spiritual.

Your resources are within

Middendorf Breathwork does not focus on problems, symptoms or disease. Instead, it recognizes that there is always a knowing core. Connecting to this core naturally encourages the conscious unfolding of one’s unique Self to its full potential and definition. A strong sense of Self gives rise to the courage to individuation. Through the perception of your dynamic “breath body” your expression becomes authentic, substantial, joyful and Self-assured.

Once you’ve developed enough sensory awareness, the powers of breath begin to effortlessly realign your body and posture. This is a dynamic process that occurs from the inside out. Present day external forces, concepts, images and values tend to lead to a predominant orientation to the outside world, resulting in an imbalance between the external and the wisdom, power and guidance residing within. Through breath you learn to trust and value your own answers. You become more Self-response-able.

You can discover that breath is intelligent and that it always strives to bring about balance – not only between the inner and the outer world, but also between the conscious and the unconscious and the masculine and the feminine aspects of yourself. Breath can become your teacher and healer, the bridge between all aspects of Self and the gate to them. Breath becomes meaningful.


Breath! Workshop in NYC

That is 6 x 90min in 2 days covering:

  • what the conscious breath rhythm in its undisturbed state can teach us
  • the impact of consciousness/awareness on the unmanipulated breath
  • the three inner body breath spaces
  • the unique breath rhythm expressed in movement
  • the uprising & downflowing power of breath
  • the dynamics between “inner” body space & surrounding “outer” space
  • the spiritual doorways in the breath cycle

Date: March 12-13, 2011

Facilitation: Kai Ehrhardt

Location: Hope Martin Studio, 39 West 14th Street #508

Times: Saturday and Sunday: 10:00 am – 4:30 pm

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