Is Pat White's NFL Career Over?

| by Off The Record

Pat White was a phenomenal talent at West Virginia University, but he struggled a bit with the Miami Dolphins last year after they made him the 44th-overall selection in the 2009 draft. And when we say he struggled a bit, we mean that he stunk up the joint.

He was drafted by the Dolphins mainly because they thought he could be the ultimate Wildcat weapon. They got drunk on his physical abilities, but they never translated to being a somewhat functional NFL quarterback.

So after a bad 2009 rookie year and a relatively miserable offseason, the Dolphins decided to cut the cord on White and just move on.

And a league source tells that the Dolphins aren’t the only team that isn’t interested in having White on their roster. It seems that no team is even kicking his tires. No visits are lined up, he doesn’t have any offers, no nothing. And he isn’t eligible for the practice squad because he appeared in 13 games last year.

So what is next for White? He’s been drafted four different times in baseball, so maybe he takes a look at that. He’s clearly a superior athlete, so that might be an option.

But, that said, this is quite a stunning fall from being the 44th-overall pick in 2009.

We still can’t see him never getting a chance in the NFL again, that’s kind of absurd. And a source tells PFT essentially the same thing.

“I’d be surprised if he wasn’t in the league at some point,” a source said.