No Respect for Eagles' LeSean McCoy?

| by Off The Record

I’ll admit it. Last year, I thought Philadelphia Eagles RB LeSean McCoy was a nice back. He looked above average in some areas (burst) and below average in others (holding the ball close).

But, I have to admit, this kid looked awfully sharp in the Eagles’ win over the Detroit Lions on Sunday. He was the first Eagles back since Charlie Garner in 1995 to rush for three TD’s in a single game. And he was over the century mark too.

I’m starting to change my tune on this kid. And no, not just because he ran all over the Lions, but because he’s starting to look like a really nice player. I still wish he’d hold the ball a wee bit closer to his body, but he’s got four TD’s this season and no one is mentioning how important he’s been to red zone conversions.

With all this Michael Vick and Kevin Kolb nonsense, McCoy’s breakout game has gone largely unnoticed. Sure, Vick has been given a lot of credit for the team’s improved red zone offense, but McCoy has played a big part in that too. See what happens when you run the ball?!

I’ve written and said numerous times that I didn’t love McCoy. I’m starting to change my opinion on that. He has looked like a different runner this year and I have to give credit where credit is due. If Andy Reid is truly interested in winning football games, McCoy has to be a bigger piece of the puzzle.

Maybe McCoy’s biggest crime was having a breakout game the same week the franchise did an about face on their QB of the future.