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It's time for the weekly NFL Rage. I should be getting a ton of comments and emails telling me how stupid I'm am after this one. We have NFL Rage's favorite son, joining us today in the Rage Room, Vince Young. If I can shift focus off of Young for a minute, I'll also touch on a few other topics. So let's go ahead and dive right into a point of view different from all others on TV and radio this week.

Vince Young Hates Babies

I started off the title that way, because that's what I'm expecting to hear out of the media next. People keep throwing out all of these insane accusations but then when they turn out to be false, they keep referring to them as if they happened and the media is never held accountable for releasing false statements.

On Sunday night, I became outraged and started tweeting like a 14 year old girl. I kept saying that people needed to calm down and wait to see what the whole story was. I even said then, that I bet he didn't throw his shoulder pads and half his uniform into the stands as reported. I also stated that after it came out that he never did it, that no reporter would have the testicular fortitude to admit reporting the flat out lie.

For those of you that have left the planet and haven't seen a constant update on the VY situation, I'll give you a complete rundown of what happened, without making up extra parts about Young kicking a kid or anything else being falsely reported today. In Sunday's game, after the Titans' offense became stagnant, the hometown Tennessee fans, began to boo Vince Young...again. The Titans were still in the game and a win would have them in first place in the AFC South. Vince Young injured his thumb later in the game and Coach Jeff Fisher took this as another opportunity to yank VY and put in rookie QB Rusty Smith. Vince Young, who always gets criticized for not playing through injuries from these same Titans fans, fought to go back into the game. Fisher decided to stick with the rookie (who ended up doing nothing in the game) and the Titans ultimately lost. A little side note that isn't getting mentioned too much about Vince Young in this game, he was 12-16 passing for 165 yards. I can see why you wouldn't want to mention that while killing the guy's work ethic and development.

Young who is an emotional guy and very competitive, like most quarterbacks in the NFL, was seen very upset on the sideline. After the game, it was reported on Sunday Night football in America, that VY had tossed his shoulder pads and half his uniform into the stands. They were outraged by his immaturity and couldn't believe he did this. The thing is, he didn't do it! In the video era, where everyone has their camera phones out and trying to catch every little action on film, no one had any video of Young throwing his shoulder pads into the stands. As it turns out, Young gave away his jersey to one of his biggest supporters after the game. This is something he does after almost every game, he gives away arm bands, jerseys, cleats, etc. to give back to the same fans that turn on him on a weekly basis...immature right?

It was also first reported that Vince Young left out of the locker room in a tirade leaving his team, and teammate Michael Griffin chased after him, just wearing his shorts (like that makes it worse). Oh no, Vince Young made his teammate come out in the cold just wearing shorts. Immature brat! Next up they release more info saying that Vince changed quickly in the locker room and while Fisher started to make a speech, Young turned and started to walkout. Fisher said to him, don't you quit on your team. Young replied, I'm not, I'm quitting on you. This is what should be getting reported; Jeff Fisher's leadership skills.

I heard one idiot say that, all the trouble coming out of Tennessee was a direct sign of Vince Young's leadership as a QB. I couldn't believe no one called this moron out on that statement. So, the Titans players get arrested, quit, play dirty, and this falls on Vince Young's character as a leader?

I want Jeff Fisher's job, he has zero responsibility. Most NFL coaches are directly responsible for the men their players become but not in Tennessee. It's the QB's job, if the QB is Vince Young right. So, was VY a leader when he came in and turned around a 0-6 team last year and almost took them to the playoffs? Was Young a leader when Chris Johnson's rushing stats improved over 60 yards per game when Young became the QB? Correct me if I'm wrong, but the coaching staff didn't change after the Patriots hung 59 points on the Titans last year and they were 0-6. Hmmm, what changed? Oh yeah, that's right, they made a change at one position, QB! This decision was forced by owner Bud Adams. Adams forcing Fisher to start Young has been getting a lot of criticism. Why? It worked last year. It worked this year. Do the Titans fans not realize that Young gave them a chance to win this game and be in first place. What did VY do that was so bad? 12-16 passing, put his team in position to be in first place? We always heard that VY couldn't put of the stats and was an accurate passer. He had the #1 passer rating for all NFL QBs for a large portion of this year. Why isn't ESPN reporting that? Instead they were reporting that there hasn't been any improvement in Young's ability.

Let's get to the real issue, Jeff Fisher, this is where the problems is. He never wanted Vince Young to begin with, he wanted Matt Leinart. How did Leinart's career turn out? Oh, yeah he got cut from Arizona so they could go into the season with rookie Max Hall and Derek Anderson. He wasn't even good enough to keep over another rookie, John Skelton. Leinart landed in Houston where he can't beat out Dan Orlovsky as the team's backup. Yeah, so we should keep bringing up the fact that Bud Adams made him draft 2 time Pro Bowler, Vince Young. Adams made him put in Young to turn around the 0-6 Titans. So what's the problem with Adams stepping in? Isn't it only a problem if it's a stupid idea. Fisher has always held a grudge against VY for Adams forcing his hand both times. He even banned Young from attending team meetings this week. Who's really immature. All of Vince Young's private situations have been taken directly to the media by, guess who...that's right boys and girls, Jeff Fisher. The NFL cardinal rule is to keep everything in house, but Fisher goes running to the media win any new VY news, like a fat Tennessee housewife, gossiping about what we read in Star magazine about Angelina Jolie adopting a Martian baby that can sing like Frank Sinatra.

Let's go over Fisher's extensive coaching career, shall we.


Is that an impressive coaching career to you? 17 years of coaching one franchise and you have 11 seasons where you didn't even break .500. That's a failure rate of 65%. I don't think you heard me (or read me), so I'll repeat. That's a failure rate of 65%! That would get all of us fired and every other NFL head coach fired as well. Another way to look at it is, in 17 years, Fisher has been to the playoffs 6 times. In 4 years VY has taken him there twice! They were on pace to go 3 out of 5, until Fisher let emotions get the best of him and place Rusty Smith in, to lose a winnable game. Other questionable Fisher decisions, he cut free agent LeGarrette Blount. Any idiot could see this guys talent, so why didn't Fisher. If he didn't like Young and Collins was 62, why didn't he have another option ready other than Smith and signing Chris Simms off the street.

Last note before you start your criticisms of this article. Most people have a problem with the way Vince Young talked to his coach and left during his speech. If it was Brad Childress or Wade Phillips, they would say that the coach has lost control, but because it's Vince Young and Jeff Fisher, it means Young still hasn't matured and Fisher has no blame pointed his direction. I'm not a Vince Young super fan. I just don't understand why he gets so much hate and animosity towards him and all the punks in the media are too afraid to stand up and have a different perspective than what their counterparts have towards Young.

I'll always point out the hypocrisy of talking heads. After reading this article, if you don't have a shade of doubt that Fisher might be the problem, maybe it's you with the problem. Ben Roethlisberger sexually assaulted 3 women that we know about and people don't ride him as hard as VY. Tom Brady and Bill Belichick cheated for 8 years but VY gets more scrutiny. Donte Stallworth killed someone while driving drunk. Michael Vick served time for killing dogs brutally but he has it easier than Young. What's your real problem with Young, Titans fans? You rather see a unproven rookie Rusty Smith, than a solid veteran, VY who was 75% passing in the game. Does Smith and Collins look more like you Nashville? Is that why you turn on Young so quick? I'm just asking because there is definitely something more rooted for you to constantly boo a QB that is leading your team to the 3rd playoffs in 5 years.

Jacksonville Jaguars in 1st Place

How in the world can a team with no defense and a mediocre quarterback be in 1st place in what appeared to be the best division in football a few short weeks ago. Here's how. The other teams in their division are playing down to their level and they get to benefit from finishing last in their division last year and getting to play the teams that finished last in the AFC North and East (Buffalo and Cleveland.)

The AFC South has weakened themselves by each team having a huge problem erupt. Tennessee - (see above.) Indianapolis - Injuries all over the place. Houston - The worst pass defense in football. They have made more quarterbacks AFC Offensive Player of the week than all the other teams combined.

So, this leaves Jacksonville playing par for the course. They maintained their run first mentality and let games fall into their laps and hope Maurice Jones-Drew can finish them out. It's exactly what happened against Cleveland on Sunday. With teams now realizing that Jacksonville is first in the AFC south, you have to believe they quit underestimating them and Jacksonville starts a losing streak. I mean how many more Hail Marys and 80 yard check downs to MoJo do they have left in them?

If the Jags continue to win, then they'll have to change the motto from Any Given Sunday to Every Given Sunday. I can't see them keeping this miracle path for much longer. They have a horrific secondary and it's upsetting to not see teams attack Rashead Mathis more often. But, let's wait and see what happens on Every Given Sunday.

Well that's another week of football therapy in the books. I hope I hit on some of the issues that raised your blood pressure. If you have something that bugs you, shoot me an email, if it set me off too we'll talk about it here. After all, this is your therapy as much as mine. See you next week, where I'm sure someone will have done something stupid and I'll beat it into the ground until I feel I've vented for everyone who was upset by it.

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