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On Tuesday I wrote about something no one wants to talk about, the big elephant in the room, the pending NFL Lockout, as we looked at some of quotes with regard to the labor issues from some of the characters involved.

Does anyone remember the old Saturday Night Live skit, "Pumping Up With Hans & Franz"?

Announcer: Good evening. And welcome again to "Pumping Up With Hans & Franz", the informative training program for the serious weightlifter.
Franz: Hello! We're back!
Hans: I am Hans.
Franz: And I am Franz.
Together: And we just want to.. [ clap ] Pump.. you up!

That’s the famous part, that and calling everyone “Girlie men”, but the other tag-line line from that was "hear me now und believe me later..." If you look that phrase up in the Urban Dictionary the phrase means;

the idea that a 'truth' might currently be being dispensed, but YOU are too preoccupied, (or too "smart") to absorb it at this particular 'juncture'. you MAY (or may not!) be able to view it from another position sometime in the future, in a different light.


Well “hear me now and believe me later”, unless there is some earth shattering revelation, their will in fact be an NFL lockout next year. As I pointed out on Tuesday, last week in an interview with David Feith of the Wall Street Journal, titled Will the Lights Go Out in the NFL?, Commissioner Roger Goodell discussed the importance of negotiating a new Collective Bargaining Agreement before the current CBA expires on March 4. As amazing as that may seem, apparently the NFL Players Union didn’t get the memo.

Yesterday, Mark Maske of the Washington Post reported that the NFL's outside labor attorney said that he believes the leaders of the NFL Players Association want team owners to lock out players when the sport's labor contract expires in March. Maske reports that New York-based lawyer, Bob Batterman, who is representing the NFL, states that the union's leadership is focused on litigation strategies and lobbying on Capitol Hill rather than attempting to negotiate a labor settlement with the owners.

Baterman stated, "If you want to litigate, if you want to get Congress involved, you want a lockout to occur and you want the clock to run out [on negotiations] so your decertification and litigation strategy can come into play."

"This is not a union eager to avoid a lockout. This is a union waiting for a lockout to occur."

What the [email protected]#$? The NFLPA feels that a lockout is to their benefit from a strategic point of view?

As Dr. Bill Chachke, Executive Editor for Football Reporters Online stated yesterday, the NFL lockout Isn't just about money.

'While most would paint this as a “Millionaires vs. Billionaires” fight, the players in this case are getting the short end of the stick. Players’ rights have never been more at risk now then in all the time since Bernie Parrishhelped lead the drive to organize in the 1950’s.

It’s true I subscribe to the “more football is good” theory, but when it’s cast about as a way to get around very real concerns about player health issues, then we have to look deeper. The owners want to add 2 regular season games to the schedule: great, right? Get rid of two preseason games, shorten up the time frame with regard to OTA and mini camps.

Players feel this is the major sticking point in getting a deal done. Not who makes more money, the owners or the players. (…cont)'

The NFL players union is standing firm on health, safety issues‎ and the NFL has no real monetary incentive to give in here. The NFL has made certain to have provisions in their television contracts where they are guaranteed certain revenues whether their are games to broadcast or not. I’m guessing the NFL attorneys went to IVY League schools and the attorneys negotiating on behalf of the television networks either went to “What’s the Matter U”.

Ladies and gentlemen, it appears that a lockout is inevitable. Enjoy your NFL Football while you can….

Here are 10 things to know about the potential lockout. - Mike Cardano

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