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Drug Law

New Mexico Rep. Withdraws Bill to Repeal Medical Marijuana

| by NORML
By Paul Armentano

A New Mexico lawmaker has withdrawn legislation to repeal the state’s four-year-old medical marijuana law.

House Bill 593, introduced by Santa Fe Republican James Smith, aimed to completely repeal New Mexico’s existing medical marijuana law, which was initially approved by the legislature and the Governor in 2007. However, thanks in large part to your e-mails and phone calls, Smith has pulled the measure from consideration for this legislative session.

Smith has introduced a substitute, House Memorial bill, calling on lawmakers to study the present program. NORML is working with local allies and lawmakers to improve this measure.

Presently, over 3,200 patients are using cannabis legally in compliance with state law. In addition, state officials have licensed some 25 facilities to produce or dispense medical cannabis. To date, reports of abuses regarding the use or distribution of medical cannabis as authorized by the law have been minimal.

There has never been a single state medical marijuana law that has been repealed. Thanks in large part to your efforts, New Mexico will not be the first.

Thanks again for taking an active role in marijuana law reform in New Mexico.