NCAA Investigating Florida for Violations

| by Sports Nickel

 Another day and another NCAA investigation on possible rules violation at a program. So far this offseason, we’ve seen USC, Tennessee, and North Carolina to name a few being under investigation. Now, you can throw Florida into the mix.

 It’s been a crazy offseason in Gainesville, specifically for the time after the loss to Alabama in the SEC Championship game up until their Sugar Bowl thrashing of Cincinnati. It was well documented that Urban Meyer was contemplating thoughts of retirement and even did for all of 24-hours.

 That turned into a leave of absence following the Sugar Bowl although from what I have heard he was never far from the University.

 Now, the NCAA is investigating Florida for a possible rule infraction. The university has opened an internal investigation to the allegation that offensive lineman Maurkice Pouncey was paid $100,000 by an agent after the SEC Championship game and before the Sugar Bowl. Pouncey ended up entering the NFL Draft and was selected in the 1stround by the Steelers.

  Florida’s athletic director Jeremy Foley had this to say on the matter:

 “”We were made aware of some information in early June that we reported to law enforcement and we then shared with the NCAA and the SEC, at this time we have no information that has indicated that there are any compliance issues for the University of Florida.”

Maurkice Pouncey may not have been eligible for the Sugar Bowl

 Joel Segal is Pouncey’s agent, but he is not the only person under investigation. On a more serious note, Florida law enforcement could be opening up an investigation to find out if the state’s agent registration laws happened to be violated in this case.

 If that turns out to be true, significant jail time could be the punishment for the guilty agent in this case. When I say significant, it could hold up to 15-years of imprisonment.

 If these allegations are true, then Florida would have played an ineligible player in the Sugar Bowl against Cincinnati which would make them have to vacate the win.

 In my opinion, all this mess reminds me of Alabama’s offensive lineman Andre Smith just a year ago. Smith was suspended by Nick Saban prior to Alabama’s Sugar Bowl loss to Utah under what was a likely similar circumstance. I’ve longed thought that the reason for Smith’s suspension was due to him having improper contact with an agent.

 The only difference is Nick Saban found out about it and Urban Meyer didn’t.

 It’s starting to seem that USC getting busted was just the beginning of a wild offseason for college football violations.

 I was actually surprised to see Maurkice leave his brother Mike behind at the University of Florida and bolt to the NFL. But, if these allegations turn out to be true, then it makes perfect sense, because Pouncey would no longer be an eligible player. Maybe he took the money, and then found out that it was likely to be leaked. I don’t know.



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