NCAA Approves Taunting Rule for 2011 Football Season

| by Off The Record
We understand that most sports leagues (professional or collegiate) don’t want a bunch of people acting up on the field and being unprofessional. We understand that they don’t want people acting all stupid and taunting other players. But would the NCAA really go so far as to take away touchdowns for doing it?

Yes. They. Would.

The NCAA has approved a rule for 2011 that takes a TD away if the player taunts another player before heading into the end zone. As of now, taunting is a dead-ball foul and would be assessed on the ensuing kickoff. Under the new rule, the TD is called back and the penalty is assessed from the spot of the foul.

So yeah, diving into the end zone? Not allowed. We just can’t wait to see when a game-winning TD is called back and then the ref tries to safely exit the stadium afterwards. There will be some gray area for sure, and we have a feeling that this rule is going to rile up a ton of people.