Quit Whining! NBA Changes Technical Foul Rules

| by Sports Nickel

The NBA is cracking down on complaining.

At the annual referee meeting on Thursday, the NBA told referees they will expand the rules for technical fouls to include “overt reactions” to a referee call.

“We don’t want our players looking like they’re complaining about calls on the court because it makes them look like complainers,” said Ron Johnson, NBA’s senior vice president of referee operations. “You do that six times in a game, it really starts to look bad on television. A lot of these things may not look as bad in the arena. But on TV, when attention is focused on it, it stands out.”

According to this ESPN story, the refs have been instructed to call a technical for:

• Players making aggressive gestures, such as air punches, anywhere on the court.
• Demonstrative disagreement, such as when a player incredulously raises his hands, or smacks his own arm to demonstrate how he was fouled.
• Running directly at an official to complain about a call.
• Excessive inquiries about a call, even in a civilized tone.