Mom Rachelle Braaten In Custody After Allegedly Allowing 22-Month-Old Son to Smoke Marijuana

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A Washington couple was arrested Friday after allegedly allowing their 22-month-old son to inhale marijuana smoke from a bong.

Rachelle L. Braaten and Tyler J. Lee, the father of the boy, were arrested last week after officers used a warrant to search Braaten’s home.

The 22-month-old and another unidentified child were taken by authorities and placed in state custody after police were told that the mother allowed her child to inhale marijuana.

Police also found 40 marijuana plants and firearms at the house, according to a Centralia Police statement.

Braaten is charged with unlawfully delivering a controlled substance to a minor and manufacturing marijuana, and Lee is charged with the unlawful manufacturing of marijuana and three counts of illegal possession of a firearm.

Sadly Braaten is out of the running for the mother of the year award, but at least the two children may be better off in Child Protective Services.

Source: Daily Mail