TSA 'Mock Bomber' Was Able to Get Through Security at Newark Airport

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Newark Airport, the bane of Transportation Security Administration’s existence, failed to catch a simulated ‘bomber’ when an undercover agent was able to get through security with an improvised explosive device in his pants.  

The TSA conducts undercover tests by sending agents from its special operations team to airports with simulated explosive devices on them or in their luggage. The operations are designed to test the quality of security at airports and provide feedback to improve TSA screenings.

The Newark incident occurred on Feb. 25, and the agent was part of a four-person ‘Red Team’ acting as ticketed passengers hiding mock bombs. The Red Team went through the B1 checkpoint in Terminal B of Newark airport, where American Airlines, JetBlue and Delta fly out of.

The ‘bomber’ stashed the device in his pants, and was able to get through the magnetometer and a physical pat-down without getting discovered.

Newark Airport has had trouble with screening in the past. Last year alone, 52 screeners were fired and 19 disciplined for major lapses in security or thefts from passengers’ baggage. 

Source: New York Post