New Dinosaur Species Named 'Vectidraco Daisymorrisae' After 5-Year-Old Discoverer

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One fossil-crazed little girl has had the honor of getting a species of dinosaurs named after her.

While walking with her family along Atherfield Beach on the south coast of the Isle of Wight a few years ago, Daisy Morris spotted what she knew were dinosaur fossil bones. Her parents took the fossils to dinosaur expert, Martin Simpson.

Four years and a lot of research later, it was announced that the fossil Daisy found was in fact a previously unknown species of dinosaur. Researchers Darren Naish and Gareth Dyke published their findings this week, explaining that the fossil Daisy found was a type of flying dinosaur—now called the Vectidraco Daisymorrisae.

The Vectidraco Daisymorrisae, according to the scientists, would have been about the size of a crow and was a type of pterosaur.

"When I told my friends about it they said it was cool,” Daisy said.

Daisy, now 9, still loves fossils and has collected as many as she could find.

Daisy’s mother, Sian Morris, says that she and her husband are nothing but supportive of Daisy’s fascination.

“If we are in the car and we go past an animal that has died, she'll ask me to stop so we can pick it up and she can take it home," Sian told the BBC. "She'll put them under a crate in the garden and let it decompose. The flies lay eggs and maggots clean the skeleton, then she collects the bones. If your child is good at drawing or dancing and they enjoy it, then you encourage them and this is what Daisy enjoys, so her Dad and I have never said eurgh, we've tried to encourage her. Rather than say that's disgusting, we'd like to help her find out about things. She's fascinated and we're very proud of her."

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