Melissa Borett's Naked Maid Service not Front for Prostitution

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One Texas entrepreneur is putting a provocative twist on an old profession. Melissa Borrett, founder of Lubbock Fantasy Maid service, says she provides naked maids to her clients – and that’s it. Borrett insists that her employees are only allowed to do one thing: clean. They just happen to do that one thing in the buff.

Borrett, 26, told the UK’s Daily News that the idea for a naked maid service came to her while she was working as a server at a strip club. The strip club gig was far from ideal. Borett says that she never made enough working as a waitress and described the club management as “chauvinistic.”

“I had heard of this kind of [naked maid] service being available in other cities,” Borrett told. “So I started the service in Lubbock, where I would have no competition.”

So far, business has been good. Borrett’s clients shell out $100 an hour for single maid service and $150 an hour for two. Each customer has the option for his or her maids to appear in lingerie, topless or nude. Fully nude maids will only service a home if everyone present is over 18 and the customer remains fully clothed at all times.

Borrett insists there’s no funny business. Her website clearly states: “At no time may a client ever make physical contact with the maid. A maid may accept tips, however, if a maid accepts tips for physical contact she will be terminated immediately and the customer will not be able to schedule services with Lubbock Fantasy Maid Service again.”

Not everyone in Lubbock, Texas, approves of Borrett’s operation, however. A Lubbock Police Department sergeant told local TV station KCBD-TV that Borrett’s naked maid service is a “sexually oriented” operation, and probably requires additional permitting.

The department has not yet brought an official complaint, but Borrett indicated that she would be more than willing to hire legal representation if she thought she needed it.

Lubbock Fantasy Maid Service in Lubbock, Texas, will clean in lingerie, topless or even nude.