Is "Human Barbie Doll" Valeria Lukyanova a Real Person?

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A Ukrainian model with a startling (some would say “unhealthy”) resemblance to Mattel’s iconic doll has been making the web rounds this week thanks, in part, to a satirical animated video about her that went viral (see below).

But, despite all the publicity, one unanswered question remains: is the human Barbie doll real?

Valeria Lukyanova purports to be a 21-year-old model from the Ukraine who availed herself of the wonders of plastic surgery to achieve a physique and facial features resembling a plastic doll. Extreme? Perhaps. Effective? Look at the pictures below and judge for yourself.

The tone of her web video, produced by a Taiwanese production house, certainly suggests the possibility of a hoax. In it, Lukyanova claims to be “the most famous woman on the Russian Language internet." Among her interests listed are modeling and "astroplaning."

On the other hand, Lukyanova appears to have a legitimate web presence dating back at least one year. There are many Facebook profiles operated under her name and a legitimate Tumblr page features pictures of the Eastern European beauty that she seems to use as a professional portfolio.

What do you think? Could this human doll actually exist? Or has the crafty interweb pulled the wool over all of our eyes yet again?

Valeria Lukyanova’s Barbie-like features have earned her a Taiwanese Animation spoof video.