Fox News Hosts Mock Paid Sick Days For American Workers (Video)

| by Michael Allen

President Barack Obama expressed his support for the Healthy Families Act, which would require that American workers in the private sector get seven days of paid sick leave each year. He also announced on Jan. 15 that federal workers will get paid sick leave when they have a new baby.

The U.S. is the only country among the 22 developed nations in the world without a national paid sick leave law, noted the Center for Economic and Policy Research and US News & World Report.

Fox Business Network host Stuart Varney and Fox News host Martha MacCallum expressed their opposition to paid sick days for employees in a derisive tone yesterday, reported (video below).

"What happened to if you are really sick and you really can’t come to work, you don’t come to work ... and then if you are not really sick, then you don’t get any sick days? ... You just thank your lucky stars that you're not really sick and you show up at work? How about that idea?” said MacCallum.

“This has got nothing to do with ethics, this is about politics. The president is lining up all of these giveaways, which he knows will not get through Congress," added Varney. "He knows the Republicans will say ‘No, we’re not going to do that.’ He knows that will make them look bad. He looks good. He wins politically, even though he doesn’t get the measures that he actually wanted, but he wins politically again.”

MacCallum and Varney then mocked how the Republicans are being portrayed as being bad for not supporting paid sick leave.

Neither MacCallum and Varney mentioned the numbers of Americans who do not get any sick days.

The Washington Post reported yesterday that 39 percent, 43 million private sector workers, in the U.S. do not get a single day of paid sick leave.

The Washington Post also noted a study of Connecticut's paid sick leave law that showed multiple benefits for employers, including increased productivity, fewer sick workers coming to work and improvement in employee morale.

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Image Credit: Fox News Screenshot