Florida Man Derrick Edward Daniels Back Behind Bars Hours After Prison Release

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A Florida man was only able to enjoy a few hours of freedom before he was thrown back behind bars.

Derrick Edward Daniels, 46, was released Saturday morning from a Florida prison after serving a sentence for robbery with a weapon. Hours later, around 10 a.m., police received a report about a robbery at a Circle K on the 400 block of John Young Parkway.

According to police, the cashier carefully described his attacker, whom later was confirmed to be Daniels.

Daniels was short on cash, apparently, and decided to rely on some old skills to get by.

Daniels reportedly only wanted $40, so the cashier reluctantly handed over the cash. After Daniels left, the cashier called the police, who soon after caught up with him near Ohio Street.

According to the Orlando Sentinel, Department of Corrections records show Daniels had been released earlier that day for a robbery that had taken place in December of 2008. 

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