Buffalo Bills Cheerleaders Told How to Wash ‘Intimate Areas’ Claims Lawsuit (Video)

| by Michael Allen

Five Buffalo Bills cheerleaders, also known as the "Buffalo Jills," have a filed a lawsuit against the team, Citadel Communications (former manager of the cheerleaders) and Stejon Productions (currently manages the cheerleaders) for failing to pay them less than minimum wage for hundreds of hours of work.

The ex-Jills also claim they had to endure bizarre rules and off-the-field activities that sexually exploited them.

The former cheerleaders say they were given a rulebook that instructed them how to wash their intimate areas and how often to change tampons.

“We had always dreamed since we were little girls of becoming Buffalo Jills cheerleaders and unfortunately it was anything but a good experience,” former Jills cheerleader Alyssa U. told WIVB (video below).

“[She made us do] everything from standing in front of us with a clipboard and having us do a jiggle test to see what parts of our body were jiggling and if that was something she saw, then you weren’t performing at all,” added Alyssa U.

“We were the laughing stock of NFL cheerleaders. We deserve to be compensated just like everyone else."

The ex-Jills claim they weren't paid for working game days or bi-weekly practices, and only made a few hundred dollars each season.

According to, the lawsuit claims the women had to buy 50-70 of the Jills swimsuit calendars and sell them during their off-time.

The women claim they had to pay $600 for their cheerleading uniforms as well as pay for their travel, hotel rooms, beauty supplies, gas and other expenses.

The cheerleaders also say they didn't get paid for the "Junior Jills" program, in which young girls paid $250 each to learn the basics of cheering from the Jills, notes

At the Jills Annual Golf Tournament, certain cheerleaders allegedly had to wear bikinis and get soaked in a dunk tank by golfers.

The ex-Jills claim they were auctioned off to winning bidders and had to ride in the winning bidder's golf cart, which sometimes included the laps of the winning bidders themselves if there was no where else to sit.

The women also say they had to suit up in bikinis for an event called "The Man Show," which took place at a casino where they were paraded across the floor.

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