71-Year-Old Sen. Mitch McConnell Takes a Swing at 'Old' Democratic 2016 Presidential Hopefuls

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Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky) is already preparing for the 2016 presidential election, quipping during his 2013 CPAC speech on Friday morning that the other side's presumed nominees are looking like “a rerun of the Golden Girls.”

The Senator made his comment while trying to hype up the “bright, young, energetic” governors set to hash it out in three years for the Republican nomination.

“Don’t tell me the Democrats are the party of the future when their presidential ticket in 2016 is shaping up to look like a rerun of ‘The Golden Girls,’” he said, bashing presidential hopefuls Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden.

Though McConnell likely practiced delivering that line in the mirror for some hours, the execution was inherently flawed. First of all, a 71-year-old veteran Senator is not the guy to conjure the image of the young and hip new faces of the Republican Party. Second, the young vibe definitely loses its pallor when you’re just as old as the Golden Girls, or old enough to joke about them — a pop culture reference from this century may have resonated a bit more with those young voters Republicans are desperate to win over.

It’s also not the most sound of tactics to attack Clinton, who received impressive approval ratings for her time as Secretary of State. According to Wall Street Journal polls, 69 percent of Americans approved of Clinton’s job performance.

Source: The Raw Story