NFL Weekend Recap: Week 2

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You don't need no stinkin' game recaps here, you can turn on the TV or go elsewhere for that. I'm here to tell you what didn't happen but should have.

Buffalo Bills (7) at Green Bay Packers (34)

Clay Matthews sacked Trent Edwards three times and the Green Bay Packers' defense dominated the listless Bills. Rumor has it that after the game Matthews kicked Edwards' grandfather in the groin, had his way with Edwards' sister and then made Edwards pay for dinner. No word on where the Bills offensive line was during the post game series of incidents.

The Bills were / are simply inept. It's going to be a fun year for Packers fans and a long year for Bills fans.

Pittsburgh Steelers (19) at Tennessee Titans (11)

Ben Roethliswhoger? Someone forgot to tell the Steelers about the rumors of their demise. The Steelers lost Dennis Dixon and had Charle Batch under center most of the game and still won. I guess people forgot that the Steelers can play a little defense. They intercepted Vince Young twice, sacked him twice and caused him to fumble once causing Jeff Fisher to pull him in favor of Kerry Collins.

Titans' fans don't get all in a tizzy. Young is the starter; everyone is entitled to an off day. BTW - Chris Johnson had an 85-yard touchdown wiped away by a holding penalty snapping his 100-yard rushing streak at 12 straight finishing with just 16 carries for 34 yards.

Chicago Bears (27) at Dallas Cowboys (21)

This just in, the Super Bowl may be in Dallas, but the only way the Cowboys team will addend the game is if Jerry Jones buys everyone a ticket. Here's why..........

favreoopsMiami Dolphins (14) at Minnesota Vikings (10)

Let's face it, whether it was missing training camp, Brett Favre's age / health, or just missing Sidney Rice, Favre and the Vikings passing game is just not up to par. Favre had his worst day as a Viking, going 19-of-28 passing for 197 yards with four turnovers. On the bright side for the Vikings, Adrian Peterson rushed for 145 yards and one touchdown.

As for the Dolphins, Chad Henne didn't do anything going 9/15 for 114 Yards and a TD and Ronnie Brown and Rickey Williams both did their best to give the game away with turnovers, but in the end the Dolphins defense made the plays when they had to intercepting three Favre passes and stopping Adrian Peterson on fourth-and-goal from the 1-yard line that for all intents and purposes sealed the game.

I'm not certain there was anyone who thought that the Dolphins would be 2-0 and the Vikings would be 0-2, but that's why they play the games. The Vikings host the Lions (0-2) next week and the Dolphins host the Jets (1-1) on Sunday night. Oh baby....

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (20) at Carolina Panthers (7)

Tampa Bay may very well suck, but they apparently suck less than both the Cleveland Browns and Carolina Panthers, because they are now 2-0.

Just nine months removed from his five-interception nightmare against Carolina, Josh Freeman looked poised throwing for 178 yards and two touchdown passes. Matt Moore didn't look quite as good and was replaced by Jimmy Clausen. Moore has now committed six turnovers and produced just touchdowns in two games.

Houston Texans (30) at Washington Redskins (27)

Not exactly Ravens vs. Jets. Between Donovan McNabb and Matt Schaub, the two QB's threw for 923 yards. I'm not sure if that's a compliment to the two offenses or an indictment of the two defenses.

I know the Texans are 2-0 and have now beaten Manning and McNabb, but it's hard for me to believe that they can do any real playoff damage when they allow an opposing team to move the ball on them like that.

sanchez6New England Patriots (14) at New York Jets (28)

Well, well, well. Perhaps the Jets aren't going to go 0-16 after all. For a team that so many picked to go to the Super Bowl, there were certainly enough people that jumped off their band wagon after week 1. The odds makers had the Jets as a 3 point favorite before last week, and after the Ravens game it swung all the way to the Patriots being a 3 point favorite. As Robert Fairchild pointed out before the game, this was a perfect opportunity to pick the Jets as a home underdog.

It will be interesting to see what the Jets offense looks like as the year goes on now that it appears that Mark Sanchez can in fact be trusted if left to throw the ball down the field. And is LT playing with something to prove or what? As for the Pats, just like the Jets weren't as bad as week I the Pats weren't as good as week 1. These two teams will meet again at Gillette Stadium in week 13. We should know a lot more about both teams by then.

NY Giants (14) at Indianapolis Colts (38)

I'm guessing that the "Manning Bowl" games Peyton and Eli played in their back yard were more interesting then this non-competitive game. You didn't think that Peyton was going to lose his first two games in September did you? - Mike Cardano

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