Monday Morning Mantra | I Will Take a Break!

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Happy Monday YOGANONYMOUS! This week, I encourage you to give yourself permission to take a freakin’ break!

bed Monday Morning Mantra | I Will Take a Break!

Right now I am doing a few things:

1. Looking for a new apartment

2. In the midst of a new potential full-time job offer

3. Smack dab in the busiest month of work in the entire year.

And you know what? I’m exhausted.

Life is overwhelming.  Especially as yogis and yoginis; we are always looking for ways to learn new things, to grow within ourselves, and to find the next level of our own enlightenment.  We do this by taking yoga, or trying out new activities, or seeking out relationships with other people.

And sometimes?  All the work we put into evolving and growing and moving and changing makes us run down.  You don’t want to be social, you have a hard time waking up for work in the morning, you become irritable with the people you love, and you start taking all the awesome things in your life for granted.

That’s when it’s time to take a break.  It’s time for you to rest your mind, to rest your body, and to simply just take a step back and realize that this is just another one of those hurdles in life that you need to get past in order to move forward.

But it’s so hard right? To stop answering your phone when people call, because you feel like you’re missing out on something, right?  Here are a few tricks that I like to employ when I need to take a break from life.

1. Take a media fast: Turn off Twitter, put a hold on Facebook, and stop reading all those blogs that you love.  And no more New York Times.   Yes, it’s that serious.  Even if only for one day (although try to shoot for a weekend), you’ll be amazed at how much more time you have to focus on just being still with yourself and your intentions when you aren’t focused on Miley Cyrus’ new ‘do.

2. Turn off your phone: For an hour, or even for a day.  Or better yet, leave it at your apartment all day, so you aren’t tempted to turn it on. I promise, you won’t miss the party of the year, and your friends will not all suddenly fall off the face of the earth and forget about you.  Case in point: I went traveling for 3 months to SE Asia and was nervous that everyone back home was going to get married and/or forget about me by the time I got back.  Guess what?  They didn’t.  And when we had my “coming back” party, everyone’s life updates in three months were “yep, it’s all pretty much the same.”  You won’t miss out if you go away for one day

3. Write it down. When I’m feeling overwhelmed and like I had no direction, I set the timer on my computer for 3 minutes and I just write any words or sentences that come out of my pen.  Sometimes it doesn’t make sense and sometimes I write way longer than three minutes, but the physical act of putting my thoughts and all the clutter in my brain on paper makes me feel like I have more space inside my head and I can relax

4. Meditate. I’ll give you a little hint: meditating might sound scary and hard, but it’s really just sitting with yourself in a quiet place, not actively trying to think about anything.  To some of us, that sounds easy, but in fact it’s extremely difficult to NOT think about anything when you have tons of thoughts swimming around in your head.  If I’m feeling particularly gloomy or uninspired, I try to meditate in front of a window where I get a full face blast of sunlight.

What are some of your tricks to allowing your mind and body to take a break?