Monday Morning Mantra | I Will Stop Wishing it Were Different

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Happy Monday YOGANONYMOUS! I hope you enjoy this week’s Monday Morning Mantra about acceptance, the grass will always appear to be greener on the other side…

yoga mental health Monday Morning Mantra | I Will Stop Wishing it Were Different

You. Over there. Reading this article and groaning that you have to be at work in forty-five minutes.

Stop it. Right now.

Stop wishing it was different.

Same to you, woman who just WISHES your little peanut would just sleep through the freakin’ night for once.  I know what you’re thinking.  You’re thinking that if she would just let you get six MEASLY hours of sleep, you would be so refreshed that you could do your laundry/cook healthy and nutritious meals/run ten miles/find a solution for world hunger. But really?

Stop wishing it was different.

Because, according to the almost-retiree who found himself unemployed and with a pittance of a 401k after the market crashed, you are so lucky to have a job to wake up to, and a paycheck to accept. And with that biweekly piece of paper, you won’t aren’t gripped with fear about how you are going to buy groceries this month.

And according to the couple that has tried every way imaginable to have a peanut of their own, it’s hardly a bad stroke of luck to have a happy and healthy baby who you can wake up to every morning. Even at 2am.

In light of all that is happening in Japan and New Zealand and Libya, I find that I am noticing my daily annoyances in a more relative scope. Our pipes were clogged this past week for about 24 hours and I remember being exasperated that I couldn’t take a shower after my workout.  And then I realized that there were people in Japan who didn’t have houses to go back to, and women in Libya who couldn’t run to the grocery store for some bottled water because they were busy boarding up their windows and praying that they had enough food stored to last until the shooting stopped.

It’s a terrible circumstance about extreme tragedy; that we only really notice how actually fantastic our own lives our through the lens of the misfortune of others. How we can only grasp that our true wealth lies in the fact that our own families are safe, protected from bodily harm, given the freedom to do as we choose, in a society that allows us to act as we are, as we watch the horror unfold on the screen.

It makes all of those tears over not getting a raise or the bleach on your favorite black shirt seem a bit inconsequential.

Life is about challenge, no doubt. It’s not easy, and if it were, we would have no way to grow or to learn about ourselves.  But this week I am going to start taking a lookat my life, and I want you to, as well. I want to be conscious of all of the things that I am really concerned with, the things that really wake me up at night. I already know a good amount of it is going to be disappointment with my current job, annoyance at my inability to put together a cute outfit on Monday morning, frustration at not getting to the gym before work like I had planned.  But when I start feeling angry about those things, I’m not going to wish I just had a few more hours in the day to write, or just a couple more flattering work shirts, or just one night that I got a solid eight hours so that I could feel rested when my alarm went off. I’m not going to wish it were different, because I am SO lucky for it to be just as it is. Everyone that I know is healthy. Everyone that I know is happy. Everyone that I know is safe.

And that’s really what I should be concerned with.

You are lucky. Really. You are so absolutely, fantastically, one-hundred-percent lucky, even though I know how hard it is to feel that way sometimes. I’m the girl that has cried in public over my face wash getting confiscated in airport security.  I’m sensitive to my own plight. And I have a tendency to compare myself to others, and feel frustration if I don’t measure up to their, or even my own, expectations.

But maybe today, I will bask in my luckiness and I think you should, too. Count the fingers and toes of the baby girl that kept you up all night and know that one day, when she’s donning her graduation cap, you will long for the days when you cuddled her to sleep. Or take a break from job hunting and go sit in a coffee shop and just read a book for a few hours, because there were so many times when you were working fifty hours a week that you longed to be able to have done that in the middle of the day.

The grass will always be greener in someone else’s yard. We just have to remember that someone thinks that same thing about our own yard. Today, don’t wish it were different. Be glad that it’s exactly the way it is.