Monday Morning Mantra | I Will Give Myself More Time

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Happy Monday YOGANONYMOUS! This week I encourage you to relax, and give yourself more time! Enjoy!

yoga time Monday Morning Mantra | I Will Give Myself More Time

Yesterday morning, it took me an hour to get dressed for brunch with my Mom.  Usually, I don’t give myself a lot of time to compose an outfit; I throw pants and tops together with reckless abandon in order to get myself out the door on time.  Five minutes, max.   Yesterday, though, from start to finish, it took me an hour to get it all right.  It was because I gave myself some time to think it all over.

It all started with a green and white silk summer dress.  I had ironed it the night before and hung it on the outside of my bedroom door.  But as I walked by it to make myself some breakfast, it just didn’t look right.  I would be cold without a jacket.  I thought about it while taking a shower.  No, green silk dress, you just aren’t right.  But maybe another time, when the wind was gentler and the sun warmer

So I went back to my closet and stared into it.  There was a pair of white, wide-legged pants hanging in front of me, and they looked so delicious and comfortable.  Ignoring the “no white before Memorial Day” rule that I had followed as gospel growing up, I pulled them on, leg by leg, and grabbed a coral three-quarter length top to go with it.  No accessories with this outfit, because the coral stood out so boldly against my olive skin.  I twirled a few times in the mirror, and went to grab a cup of just-finished-brewing coffee.  And then I took the dog out, combed my hair, and read a few pages of the paper while draped over the arm of our lovely brocade chair, until I finally realized that, no, coral simply just wouldn’t do.

So I edited again.  I pulled a black oversized t-shirt out of my drawer that was a little slouchy but still classy enough to wear to brunch.  The hemline was long so it let me breathe a little and the plain color combination inspired me to grab a chunky stone necklace.  And then I washed my coffee cup and a few other dishes, and went into the bathroom to put some eyeliner on.  And when I was done with my makeup, I felt no urge to edit.  Because this combination just felt right.

It’s like that sometimes, isn’t it?  You have to take your time to get it right.  Try a few things on, live in them, go about the day with it clinging to your skin before you can say “No, this simply won’t do” before changing.  The best part is you get to try something new right after.

I have a problem with this.  I like to get everywhere quickly.  I like to spend all my time envisioning my ideal outfit or date or life, only to be sorely disappointed when I work so very hard to get there and it doesn’t seem at all like my daydreams.  Sometimes I forget that it’s not always about getting to the end the quickest, but about giving myself the time to roll around in my decisions and see how they feel before trying a new one.  Sure, it may take longer to get to the end result, but at least I’ll have some reference to say “no, that simply did not work, and I’d like to try this now.”

So instead of just grabbing the first thing you see, or envisioning your ideal situation in your head, this week, promise to give yourself the gift of time.  I know, it’s so hard with so many things to do before going to bed at night, but try to give yourself some time to make decisions and don’t put any pressure on yourself for your decisions to be perfect.  Spend less time agonizing over which is going to get you there the fastest, and more time experiencing how it feels to live in your decision.  Because sometimes, it just takes a little time to try something out before you actually know if it’s what you want.  And often, trying to throw it all together at the last minute because it’s exactly the way you pictured it in your head doesn’t make you feel all that comfortable after you walk out the door.

This week, I’m going to myself the luxury of time.  I’m going to try it out, slowly, with intention.  I’m going to try on some new things and some old things and see how they feel together.  I’m going to wriggle around with new ideas, letting them settle down while I was the dishes and fold my laundry, to see if they are ideas that I can wear around forever.  If they feel right to me.  If they simply all go together.