Monday Morning Mantra | I Will Choose to Have More Patience

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Happy Monday YOGANONYMOUS! Hope that you all had an awesome weekend, and are ready to take the world by storm this week! Here is some Monday Morning inspiration to help you get going, enjoy!

lauren Monday Morning Mantra | I Will Choose to Have More Patience

You know what my favorite feeling in the world is?

It’s how I felt in Crow Pose today.

For the longest time, I could never get arm balances. I dreaded that moment, about halfway through class, when my yoga teacher would guide us into Downward Dog and then instruct us to rise hiiiiiigh on our toes, shooting our Sitz bones into the sky, and…

Oh my god. It’s an arm balance. I know it is. I should have stayed home.

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But I have weak arms. They’re girly arms. That woman on the Jade yoga mat must do bicep curls like every day. That’s why she’s flying high in Crow.  I hate her. And Crow Pose. Forget this, I’m taking Balasana.

Crow Pose was my enemy pose.

But somewhere along the line, after doing fakey Crow poses for months and months, and really drawing my naval into my spine, and having a teensy bit of courage to take my big toes off the floor, I stopped hating arm balances. Because I could do them. And I didn’t even really try.

Have you ever noticed how, when we are confronted with a really monumental task, the road to it’s mastery seems so endless that it’s hard for us to even start.   It’s overwhelming to think of all the work that needs to get done in order for us to finish that project, build our own website, put together a business plan, clean out our whole closet, or master crow pose. It’s enough to make a person procrastinate, watch television, make an omlette, surf the internet, just so we don’t have to deal with starting the endless project. It’s like we create things that will get in our way just so we don’t actually have to get started.  Or we’ll do that thing where we run around like headless chickens, trying to get all these tiny, insignificant things done (like checking our email 8 times a day, or shopping for 6 hours) and then talk about how we couldn’t reach our goals because, well, there was simply no time.

But sometimes, we need the patience to realize that maybe we need to slow down just a little. A little more patience to recognize that Rome wasn’t built in a day. And maybe we need to step back and patiently deal with our slow moving, slow adapting selves.

We need to know that everything will be just right and as it is meant to be, when it is meant to be. And that starting something doesn’t mean that it has to be finished in an hour or a day or even a year. It means that you’ve started, you’ve committed to the learning process, and that someday, whenever that day is, you will get there. And there you will be.

But WHEN?! And how long?! And will I fail in the process?!

Don’t know. Don’t know. Probably.

And that’s okay. We are always learning; from our experiences, from the people around us, and from ourselves. And when we have the patience to stop and recognize that each little bit of information about the lesson, that is when we truly will be able to get to our endpoint.

Crow and I didn’t happen all in one day. Or really in one year. It’s been almost 2 years since I started practicing and, today was the day that I truly felt comfortable getting up there and holding myself together on my little girl arms. And the truth is, I don’t think I ever really thought I could do it. I just did it once or twice a week when I went to yoga and it was part of the sequence. Really. That’s all it took. Five minutes, a few times a week.

Sometimes, that’s the easiest way to accomplish a really monumental goal. To go slowly, just a little bit at a time, and one day, without ever realizing it, you’ll be exactly where you wanted to be all those days ago.