Monday Morning Mantra | I Am a Rockstar

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Happy Monday YOGANONYMOUS Friends – you are all rockstars – now get out there and have a fabulous week!

rockstar Monday Morning Mantra |  I Am a Rockstar

As I sat smiling across from her, I remember thinking that I just had to keep smiling or else she wouldn’t hire me.  I really wanted this job but, knowing it was not a fantastic market, I had been interviewing all over the place, and the truth was I knew there were a million girls out there just like me.

And then I heard this:

“You know, I have to hand it to you; you have a really great resume.”

I sat there for around fifteen seconds staring open-mouthed at my interviewer. I think I heard myself say some version of the phrase “thank you”, but my tongue had seemingly gone inactive after she had summarized about four years of internships and professional experience into one sentence. I was shocked. In all of the interviewing that I’d been doing lately with all the high profile corporate HR departments, I hadn’t ever heard a phrase like that come out of someone else’s mouth.

The trouble is, I know my resume is great.  In fact, it’s downright badass. I had some exceptional internships experiences in college that gave me the tools to be a corporate rockstar. And subsequently, I became a corporate rockstar. Aside from that, I planned a huge fundraising event that brought in over $250,000 while I was still taking a full college class load; I’ve traveled to 15 countries; backpacked the staggering mountains of Western America; learned how to build a blog in a weekend. I’m not just a rockstar, I’m downright unbelievable.

The problem was, I had been stuck in the same job and, despite fervent attempts to escape, I couldn’t seem to shake my rockstar badass-ity into anyone else. Hel-lo people? I stayed REALLY late to finish this project and run this event. I handled multiple crazy client phone calls, calmed down the mother of the bride, re-alphabetized our entire paper product catalogue, and did the work of TEN employees in a single afternoon. Isn’t anyone going to realize how awesome I am?

The answer that I didn’t know then was “No, Lauren. No one is going to realize how awesome you are until you start believing it yourself, then selling it, and giving them no choice but to buy it.”

In our complex digital world now is that we have instant access to what everyone else is doing. While the power of information is awesome, it also gives us views of what other people are doing with their lives. We see other stories of success and we start questioning if we are as special and as great as we previously thought we were.

To that, I say this:

You are a rockstar. Now repeat.

You all have something amazing and fantastic that you bring to this world.  And the faster you start believing it yourself, the faster others will jump on the train and start believing it too. Because really, that’s all that it takes. Start selling what you want others to buy and soon it won’t feel like selling at all. It will feel like you.

Okay, maybe you don’t think that your profession is what you rock out at. Fine. I get it. Mine isn’t either.  But there are some awesome things that you do rock out at.  Do you come home and bake cupcakes for your best friend because she had a miserable week? You are a rockstar.  Do you take pains to organize weekend trips or bowling nights so that everyone can get together around their busy schedules? You’re brilliant. Are you an awesome mom, brother, niece, grandpa that always remembers birthdays and anniversaries? You are un-freakin-believable. Do you give hugs, sew girl scout badges on sashes, mow the lawn, advise on website design, and make sure that you always go to bed with a smile on your face? Congratulations, my friend. You are one amazing person. Don’t stop believin’ it either.

This week I want you all to give up the negative self-doubt. Everytime you say “I wish I could do this” or “I wish I was better at that”, just stop. You are you and all of the things that you do make up your badass rockstar essence. The way to be a better you is to start believing in your badassness and stop letting the negativity get the better of you. As my mom always says “The first thing people want to know about you is why they should listen to you. Make sure you give them a good reason.” (I know, she’s a badass mom. Now you know where I get it from.)

Why are you a rockstar? Comment below. I wanna hear about it!