'She Will Be Scarred For Life': UK Girl Suffers Chemical Burns On Leg From Cellphone Case

| by Karin Sun

A 9-year-old British girl has a severe chemical burn to her leg due to a cellphone case.

Karly Retter, 35, of Ware, Hertfordshire, told The Telegraph that her daughter, Olivia Retter, acquired the burn after falling asleep on Jan. 2 with her iPhone, contained within its case, on the bed next to her.  

"Olivia is not supposed to have her phone in her bedroom at night, but she sneaked it in and had it in her bed, so she fell asleep with it touching her leg," Karly explained.

The girl reportedly woke up in the middle of the night and complained that her leg hurt, but her mother sent her back to bed.

The next morning, Karly discovered that "toxic" pink glitter from her daughter's phone case had leaked onto her leg, causing a painful red burn in the shape of a phone on the girl's right thigh. 

"I was so shocked a phone case could do that," Karly said. "Doctors have said it is a severe chemical burn and she will be scarred for life."

Olivia says she purchased the phone case, which has pictures of unicorns and rainbows on it, for about $8.50 from a New Look store in Cambridge, England. 

The case did not appear to have any visible cracks or leaks.

Karly has since posted about her daughter's experience on Facebook. The Jan. 8 post contained pictures of the phone case and the second-and third-degree burns on Olivia's leg, and urged other parents to be aware of the dangers of chemical burns from phone cases. 

The post had been shared more than 42,000 times in five days.

Posters writing in the comments section called the incident "bloody shocking" and said they couldn't believe a phone case could cause so much damage.

Karly told The Telegraph that she tried to contact the New Look customer service department several times, but no one answered the phone.

A spokesman for the high-end fashion retailer has issued this statement in response to the incident:

"New Look has spoken with the customer involved and takes complaints of this nature extremely seriously. In line with our health and safety procedure, we have now instructed all stores to remove the product in question from the shop floor with immediate effect. Our quality team have also begun an investigation with the supplier to understand and prevent this from happening in the future."

Karly said the phone case did not come with any kind of safety warning about chemical burns.

"You just don't think something like this could happen," she said. "A lot of young girls have similar phone cases and they have no idea how dangerous they are." 

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