MMA Heavyweight Rankings

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Since quite a few heavyweights were in action since the last rankings I thought it was time to reevaluate the talent pool. The colored numbers represent the movement of fighters, if they indeed had any. Red means dropped and green…well, I’m sure I don’t have to explain that, do I? Perhaps some controversy, perhaps not. Why don’t you keep reading and find out? So without further ado, my Top 10:

Disagree with my rankings? Let me know. Maybe you’ll be able to persuade me (not likely.)

1. Fedor Emelianenko (31-1, 1 NC)
- W – Brett Rogers [TKO, strikes]
- W – Andrei Arlovski [KO, punch]
- W – Tim Sylvia [Submission, Rear Naked Choke]
**Next Fight – Fabricio Werdum

The undisputed king of the Heavyweight Division, Fedor has never really been defeated. His only loss came because of a cut caused by an illegal strike that would normally result in a no contest or a DQ victory for the recipient. However, because this was a tournament, in order to have a fighter available for the next round, Kohsaka was advanced and Fedor was considered ‘eliminated’. Many still consider him undefeated. His next fight is to be against Werdum in June. His contract with Strikeforce has been worked out, but only for this fight. A future fight against Overeem is still up in the air.

2. Brock Lesnar (4-1)
- W – Frank Mir [TKO, strikes]
- W – Randy Couture [TKO, strikes]
- W – Heath Herring [Decision, Unanimous]
**Next Fight – Shane Carwin

Lesnar came onto the scene with a purpose and he accomplished it rather quickly. Beating Randy Couture for the title and then defending it violently against Frank Mir, Lesnar is no joke. His true test will come this July 3 against someone close to his own size when he faces off against Shane Carwin.

3. Junior Dos Santos (11-1)
- W – Gabriel Gonzaga [KO, punch]
- W – Gilbert Yvel [TKO, strikes]
- W – Mirko Filipovic [Submission, punch]
**Next Fight – Unknown

Junior has dynamite in those hands. His boxing is very good and his stamina is some of the best in the division. He’s walked through everyone put in his way, ending all of his fights. The only time he’s been out of the first round was when he fought Mikro Crocop. Impressive to say the least. Dana White said he’ll likely fight once more before getting a title shot, though an opponent is not yet known. Rumor has it that it could be Roy Nelson, in which case, RIP Roy.

4. Shane Carwin (12-0)
- W – Frank Mir [KO, punch]
- W – Gabriel Gonzaga [KO, punch]
- W – Neil Wain [TKO, strikes]
**Next Fight – Brock Lesnar

Carwin has boulders for fist. You can not convince me otherwise. Every time he hits something it comes crashing down. Most of his opponents weren’t of high caliber, but his last two were and he made short work of them, even though he was in trouble against Gonzaga. His next fight is for the title, and you can bet there will be fireworks when he and Lesnar get in the Octagon together.

5. Alistair Overeem (33-11-0, 1 NC) [+5]
- W – Brett Rogers [KO, punches]
- W – Kazuyuki Fujita [KO, knee]
- W – James Thompson [Submission, Guillotine Choke]
**Next Fight – Unknown

I really hate moving him up so much, because I wonder on his “cleanliness” if you get my meaning. Still, he hasn’t failed a test yet and he keeps winning. Not that I thought Rogers was greatly skilled, but Overeem crushed him with ease. Hopefully he gets to fight Fedor soon, as that’s the only title fight Strikeforce has that makes sense. Of course, that didn’t stop them for letting Rogers get a shot.

6. Cain Velasquez (8-0) [-1]
- W – Antonio Rodrigo Noguiera [KO, punch]
- W – Ben Rothwell [TKO, strikes]
- W – Chieck Kongo [Decision, Unanimous]
**Next Fight – Winner of Lesnar/Carwin

Cain’s wrestling is top notch. Probably second best in the division next to Brock Lesnar, and he has used it very well in every fight. He has shown great improvement in his hands as well, and Big Nog will tell you. He was rocked repeatedly by Chieck Kongo, but always recovered after he took the Frenchman down. He’ll need to have that same chin when he gets the winner of Carwin/Lesnar.

7. Frank Mir (13-5) [-1]
- L – Shane Carwin [KO, punch]
- W – Chieck Kongo [Submission, Guillotine Choke]
- L – Brock Lesnar [TKO, strikes]
**Next Fight – Unknown

Frank’s obsession with Brock may have cost him against Carwin. I know he said he wasn’t looking past Shane, but all he ever did was talk about taking out Lesnar. No way you can be focused on what’s right in front of you if you are thinking about the distant future. He paid dearly. Who knows what’s next for him? Possibly Roy Nelson?

8. Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira (32-6-1, 1 NC) [+1]
- L – Cain Velasquez [KO, punch]
- W – Randy Couture [Decision, Unanimous]
- L – Frank Mir [TKO, strikes]
**Next Fight – Unknown

It’s hard to tell exactly where Nogueira is. He looked horrible against Frank Mir, but looked revived against Couture. Then he gets crushed by Cain Velasquez. The guy is a legend and one of the greatest of all-time, but he has taken a beating over the years and his time may have past.

9. Brett Rogers (10-2) [-2]
- L – Alistair Overeem [KO, punches]
- L – Fedor Emelianenko [TKO, strikes]
- W – Andrei Arlovski [KO, punch]
**Next Fight – Unknown

What can I say? Brett should’ve rushed Overeem like he said he was. He didn’t and got destroyed. I never thought Brett was that good and he showed it. He’s just big and strong. Had he fought Arlovski the same way he fought Overeem he would’ve lost just the same. I’m pretty sure if Rogers fights another top heavyweight he’ll lose. Unless he blitzes them. Then it’s a toss up.

10. Fabricio Werdum (13-4-1) [NEW]
- W – Antonio Silva [Decision, Unanimous]
- W – Mike Kyle [Submission, Guillotine Choke]
- L – Junior Dos Santos [KO, punch]
**Next Fight – Fedor Emelianenko

It was hard to place Werdum here. It was between him, Andrei Arlovski, and Antonio Silva. Werdum dominated Silva, who beat Arlovski, who beat Werdum. Kind of like that Big 12 scenario a couple years back with Texas, Texas Tech, and Oklahoma. The reason I chose Werdum because he’s won two in a row. So we’ll call him 10a. As for his upcoming fight…he’ll shortly be leaving my Top 10.


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