Michael Jordan’s Son Blows 50K in One Day in Vegas

| by The Daily Heat

It appears as though Michael Jordan’s unique ability to blow large amounts of money in Las Vegas is hereditary.

According to SportsByBrooks, Marcus Jordan issued the following tweet through his Twitter account:

“Last Night was stupid…35k at Haze…Totals 50k something for the whole day..Damn!! Going to the pool again today..Gotta relax!!”

For those keeping track at home, Haze is a nightclub and pool lounge at the Aria Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. Young Marcus is not even 21 years old yet, so he really has no place in either a Las Vegas casino or at any type of nightclub.

Considering he blew “50k something” in a one-day period, it’s safe to assume that unless casinos have raised the rates in the arcades, Jordan was likely hanging out in places he shouldn’t have been hanging out in.

Marcus, along with his brother Jeff, will play at the University of Central Florida next season. While neither player is particularly great, Marcus did average 8 points per game as a freshman. With stats like that, though, It's unlikely he’ll ever see a second of playing time in any professional league. So Marcus shouldn’t get too comfortable spending that kind of money.

Unless his father funds his habits...

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